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This Side Up is an achievement in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for completing the Warthog run on The Maw without being forcefully ejected from the vehicle.[1] In the original game it is represented by a Warthog with a red arrow pointing down to it; in The Master Chief Collection it is represented by a screenshot of Chiron TL-34.

The achievement is worth 10 Gamerpoints.


Drive through the end, if you were forcibly ejected from the Warthog, revert to last check point. When you think you are going to flip, look up, and the Warthog shouldn't flip too much. Eventually, you will get through the run without being ejected from the vehicle and get the achievement.


A player can earn the achievement without entering the Warthog. While playing co-op, if one player takes a Warthog and leaves the other behind, then proceeds to finish the level, the player left behind will earn the achievement even if the Warthog flips. Players who have difficulty earning the achievement the normal way can use this to their advantage. By playing co-op with a guest profile and leaving their own profile behind they could flip the Warthog any number of times and still earn the achievement.


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