Skulltaker Halo 3: Catch

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Skulltaker Halo 3: Catch

Skulltaker Halo 3: Catch is an achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It is awarded for collecting the Catch skull in Halo 3 on The Storm. The achievement is worth 5 gamerpoints.


  1. Battle through to Lakebed A -- the point where you fight an Anti-Air Wraith, a handful of Ghosts, and a standard Wraith.
  2. You should see a silo-like building. On top of this is the skull. Look for the ramp that leads over to the platform where the normal Wraith is dropped.

There are multiple methods which can be used to get onto the building.

  1. Hijack the Anti-Air Wraith and maneuver it so the back (the part with the plasma mortar, or in this case, fuel rod launchers) touches the base of the silo where the ground rises slightly; then, simply get out. The only problem is that this will cause an NPC Hornet to fire upon the standard Wraith, and the Wraith may focus its fire on you, so you will need to work a little quickly. The Anti-Air Wraith should remain still while you jump on the back and onto the top of the silo.
  2. Explosive Jump.
  3. Park a Ghost below, then jump from it onto the building. Use an Explosive Jump if necessary.
  4. Park one Ghost on the Wraith-side, then get another Ghost and park it on top. You should be able to simply jump on top of the Ghosts, then onto the silo.
  5. Take a Deployable Cover, then use it between the red wall and the building. Move out of the way and you can use the cover as a stepping stone.
  6. On Co-op, one player can jump onto the other player's head, then onto the building.
  7. Drive the Warthog at the foot of the silo and crouch-jump onto it. Make sure that the Warthog is at the Wraith-side of the silo before attempting the crouch-jump.
  8. Drive the Warthog between the silo and the wall so that it is turned on its side. Jump onto the red wall, then jump onto the silo.

Note: Do not destroy the standard Wraith, or the skull will disappear. Do not physically damage the normal Wraith (though the plasma turret operator can be sniped safely) in any way or the skull will disappear.