Achievements (Halo 5: Forge)

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This is the list of achievements for Halo 5: Forge. There are 22 achievements worth a total of 1000 Gamerscore gamerscore.


Icon Name Description Gamerscore gamerscore
Home Court Advantage Win a 1v1 Custom Game on a map you authored. 40 gamerscore
What's Yours is Mine Bookmark another player's map. 20 gamerscore
Test Run Play a Custom Game by yourself on a map you created. 25 gamerscore
Fresh Paint Modify the COLOR, MATTE/METALLIC, or MATERIALS properties of an object. 35 gamerscore
Setting the Stage Create 50 Forge Maps with 50 or more Props each. 30 gamerscore
Climate Control Change the Skybox within a Forge Map. 25 gamerscore
Friendly Forging Start a Forge session with another player. 40 gamerscore
Community Complete a Custom Game with 7 other players on a user created map. 100 gamerscore
Squad Goals Be in a Fireteam of 4 or more. 50 gamerscore
Elitist Complete a Custom Gamewith at least a 10 KDA. 45 gamerscore
Palette of Beauty Change the Reference Color of any category in Forge Mode. 40 gamerscore
IT'S ALIVE! Create a Forge Map containing an object scripted to move. 45 gamerscore
Rush Hour Create a map in Forge Mode with 5 or more vehicles. 30 gamerscore
Movie Magic Create a Camera and Animation Location on a Forge Map. 45 gamerscore
Capped Attach a screenshot of your Forge Map. 30 gamerscore
Monitor Bootcamp Complete the Forge Tutorial. 70 gamerscore
Nice Work Dawg! Win 25 Custom Games. 55 gamerscore
Cartographer Save your first Forge Map. 35 gamerscore
Playtest Complte a 4+ player Custom Game on a map you created. 50 gamerscore
Halo Trinity Create a map containing a Halo 2 BR, Halo 1 Magnum, and SPNKR Rocket Launcher. 35 gamerscore
Hats Off Get 7 headshot kills in a single Custom Game. 30 gamerscore
Running Riot Complete 117 Custom Games on player created maps. 125 gamerscore