Be Like Marty

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Be Like Marty

Be Like Marty is an achievement in Halo 3: ODST. It is awarded for finishing an entire round on Firefight without killing an enemy. It is worth 10 Gamerpoints. Its picture is of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's Logo, an organization associated with peace.

This achievement can be obtained by using two controllers and leaving the extra player in a spawn zone or difficult to reach area while the player does the work on another controller. [1]


  • The name of the achievement is a reference to Martin "Marty" O'Donnell, the musical composer for Bungie's Halo games. This achievement was created after Marty once got 0 kills online when he was trying on a lag-free social playlist.[citation needed]
  • This achievement was confirmed in a comment in the 7/7/09 Bungie Podcast, presumably along with the rest of the leaked list.


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