Firefight: Last Exit

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Firefight: Last Exit

Firefight: Last Exit is an achievement in Halo 3: ODST. It is awarded for scoring over 200,000 points during a match of Firefight on the map Last Exit. It is worth 10 Gamerscore.

This achievement is represented by an olive square with a Warthog on it.


  • When attempting this achievement with a single player
    • Allow 2 hours at minimum to reach 200,000 points.
    • Keep a Plasma Pistol and headshot-capable weapon on hand at all times.
    • EMP Kill medals can help quickly eliminate groups of Brutes and are worth as much as a splatter would be.
    • Multi-kills of 3 and higher give a lot of points and are easy to achieve in waves 1 and 2 of each round as Jackals and Grunts travel in groups of 3-4.
    • During the waves where Black Eye is activated, a group of Grunts and Jackals can usually be found on the upper left and right levels, if you need to recharge your stamina by beating down an enemy, these would be good groups to use.
    • Hijack a Ghost and use it to get Splatter Sprees and Vehicular Manslaughters, these can give you a quick couple thousand points each. After you get a Vehicular Manslaughter Metal you will have to reset your spree before another can be achieved, you can do this by killing an enemy in a different way, the easiest is with the Plasma Cannons on the Ghost.
      • When using the Ghost it is possible to move through some enemy spawn barriers, doing so will cause instant death, so be on the look out when boosting.
      • When using the Ghost and facing Chieftains with Gravity Hammers, try to splatter them before they activate their invincibility to avoid any serious damage to your ghost.
      • When using the Ghost and facing Chieftains with Fuel Rod Guns, approach them slowly dodging left and right to keep their shots from hitting you, when you are finally close to them quickly boost forward to splatter them.
    • Avoid the middle roundabout while Catch is activated as Grunts will come in from three directions and can easily stick you. You can survive one direct stick if you have full stamina. You can survive three sticks if you are in a Ghost with full stamina.
    • In the bonus rounds Grunts will spawn in the middle roundabout, it is easiest to take them out at a distance with the Magnum.