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Spartan Games was a tabletop game manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom established in 2009, specializing in tabletop miniature wargames. Previous games produced by the company include the fantasy naval combat game Uncharted Seas and the Steampunk-Victorian Dystopian Wars.[1]

In February of 2015, Spartan Games announced that the company had established a License Agreement with Microsoft Studios to design and produce tabletop miniatures games for the Halo series. The first game, Halo: Fleet Battles, was released on July 20, 2015, and depicts space battles, such as the Fall of Reach. The company also produced a land-based combat game called Halo: Ground Command as well that released on July 27, 2016.[2][3] Spartan Games worked together with 343 Industries to produce ship designs that had never visually appeared in previous canon, such as the Varric-pattern heavy cruiser and the Epoch-class heavy carrier. Although the company was given considerable freedom in designing the models, 343i's Franchise team ensured that each vessel properly fit their faction, role, and established canonical details.[4]

On August 25, 2017, it was announced by Spartan Games that the company was shut down because of several internal and external problems during the last two years.[5]



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