Help:User profiles

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User profiles (or Social Profiles) are an alternative to a user page for all registered users, with additional features. It is pretty self-explanatory, with a few details:

Users with established user pages

For most users, their User Page is now a standard looking profile. Because many users have created in-depth, established user pages, those pages default to the standard page, and your standard profile is at the "Social Profile" link. For other users, the editable user page is now your "Wiki Userpage". You can toggle this by clicking the yellow "Use social user page"/"Use wiki user page" button on your profile.

Personal information

In the "About Me" section, you can tell the community freely about yourself. The personal information section will also contain information such as where you were born and where you live currently, what websites you like and so on if you have chosen to provide this data.

User board

This provides an alternative to user talk pages. You can send a message to a person by going to their user page and:

  • Clicking "Send a message"
  • Scrolling down to the bottom right where their board is located

You can also mass-message all your friends or foes via the "Board Blast". On your user page, scroll down to your board and click "Send Board Blast".

Xbox Live Gamertag

You can add your Xbox Live Gamertag to your Social Profile by editing your profile and adding it to the relevant section in the "Halo Tidbits" tab.