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Article Improvement Drive is a community project to improve the wiki's content through bringing articles in dire need of improvement—from cleanup to content expansion and updates—to everyone's attention. Anyone is welcome to participate in the project!

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Two Jiralhanae Minors wielding Paegaas Workshop Spikers, with one preparing to throw a Jovokada Workshop spike grenade, in Crow's Nest during the Battle of Kenya. From Halo 3 campaign level Crow's Nest.

With its heritage tracing back to hunting tools and weapons used in conflicts between various Jiralhanae factions on Doisac, spike weaponry saw less usage after the species' induction into the Covenant, with many Jiralhanae warriors adopting the empire's ubiquitous plasma weapons instead. The manufacturing of spike weapons remained exclusive to Doisac until the months leading up to the Great Schism, when the High Prophet of Truth secretly ordered the Sacred Promissory on High Charity to expand its production scope to include various kinds of Jiralhanae matériel. Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Jiralhanae have continued to make use of spike weaponry alongside other weapons originating from their more savage, pre-Covenant history.

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Rtas 'Vadumee: "You are the Arbiter, the will of the Prophets. But these are my Elites. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not"
The Arbiter: "That makes two of us."
—Opening of The Arbiter, Halo 2


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