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Article Improvement Drive is a community project to improve the wiki's content through bringing articles in dire need of improvement—from cleanup to content expansion and updates—to everyone's attention. Anyone is welcome to participate in the project!

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The following articles for Halo media could use the addition (or completion) of a plot synopsis:

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Tasked to lead Jiralhanae, Itho 'Hesiikee served as Atriox's commanding officer in 2549, sending his clan into combat forty Jiralhanae at a time. Each time, Atriox was the only warrior to return from battle. When it became clear that Atriox's hatred of the Covenant and his influence over other Jiralhanae posed a threat, 'Hesiikee decided to execute him. Returning alone from one last suicide mission, Atriox was brought before 'Hesiikee, who declared him a heretic and a traitor. However, when 'Hesiikee tried to execute Atriox, the Jiralhanae caught his blade and killed the Sangheili with his own weapon. In that moment, the Banished were born. After this confrontation, Atriox took 'Hesiikee's energy sword and reforged some of its components to create Chainbreaker, his custom gravity mace which would inspire the Banished's logo.

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Doctor Halsey and her Spartans deserve the utmost respect, Colonel. And if you wish to keep your newly acquired position on the Security Council, you will show them that respect, or I will personally kick you from here to Melbourne. Those "freaks" have more confirmed kills than any three divisions of ODSTs and have garnered every major citation the UNSC awards. Those "freaks" have personally saved my life twice, as well the lives of most of the senior staff here at HighCom. Keep your bigotry in check, Colonel. Do you understand?!!
Lord Terrence Hood, Halo: First Strike


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