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The Merger Project is a community project to merge Halopedia and Halo Nation's contents together.


On the February 4 2019 the vote for Halo Nation to merge into us was successful. To assist the merger and to prevent inconsistencies and any disruption to Halopedia or the Fandom site, a test wiki holding all the Halo Nation assets and articles was created.

Merger Guide[edit]

A Merger guide was written to assist in merging the two wikis together. Please refer to it when merging articles together.

Important links[edit]

Merger discussion[edit]

To discuss the merger either use the "wiki-discussion" on the Halopedia Discord, or post in the thread on the Halopedia forums.

Test wiki issues[edit]

Important note: While all the content from the Halo Nation wiki is there, due to Fandom's proprietary syntax for some "Templates", those templates may not work as intended on the test wiki. Due to this it is recommended to check the actual Halo Fandom wiki to make sure information is not lost by mistake if a template does not work.

Do not vandalize the Fandom wiki[edit]

While merging the two wikis together we would like to remind people not to vandalize the Fandom Halo wiki. Anyone caught doing so may risk a ban according to the Blocking Policy. Halopedia does not support defacing other sites.


This section will have weekly/monthly tasks we hope to complete during the merger.

Month 1[edit]

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Get Spartan-II pages merged.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Get armor pages merged.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Get all the Achievement pages merged.

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