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Halo 4:Forward Unto Dawn and More... Halo,Skyrim,Assassin's Creed,Elder Scrolls Online,Rome Total War(I+II) Halo:Fall Of Reach,Halo:Contact Harvest,Halo:Envoy,More!... Halo,Elder Scrolls,Assassin's Creed,Call Of Duty,Total War Game Series,Crysis.

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4 Overkills at the Same game.

Worst Halo moment

Spammed by Enemy Grenades.

Anything else

Im a Spartan-II Conscripted at 2014 ;).Im still Active and Ready For Action

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It's already been fixed. If you have further problems, check the page history and see what's been accidentally deleted. And use preview beforehand.


not a big deal. just try not to delete something if you don't how it works. and use preview before final editing)