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Charut 'Quvadamii
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Charut 'Quvadamii is the keepmaster of Vadam Keep in the state of Vadam, Sanghelios.[1]


Faithful keepmaster[edit]

At some prior to 2535 and Thel 'Vadam's ascension to kaidon of Vadam Keep, Charut 'Quvadamii had become keepmaster, running the keep when its kaidon was absent. 'Quvadamii held this position throughout the Human-Covenant War and into the post-war period.[1]

Created occupation[edit]

In late 2559, Oath Warden Crei 'Ayomuu came to Vadam Keep to speak with Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. However, as 'Vadam was on his return trip from the High Gathering, the Oath Warden was greeted by Charut 'Quvadamii instead. 'Ayomuu told the keepmaster that he urgently needed to speak to 'Vadam regarding a the recent destruction of a tenement island in Vadam Valley.[1]

When Thel 'Vadam returned to Vadam Keep, Charut 'Quvadamii stopped the Crav carrying his kaidon right after it entered through the Mountain Gate. 'Quvadamii entered the vehicle and motioned for silence as he swept the interior of the Crav with a detection wand, ensuring that no listening devices accessible by the planet's Created occupiers was hidden aboard. He disabled three microphones used to communicate with the Crav's operator and for external communication, as well as had the vehicle's occupants surrender their comm discs. 'Quvadamii also activated an all-frequency jammer that would, in theory, prevent any Created from eavesdropping via other means. With the Crav secure, informed his kaidon that Crei 'Ayomuu was there to speak with him regarding the matters at the tenement island. 'Vadam told 'Quvadamii that he would receive 'Ayomuu in the keep's Grand Gallery, and the keepmaster left the Crav with Usze 'Taham and Kola 'Baoth to fetch Crei 'Ayomuu from the Ancient Hall.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Charut 'Quvadamii is noted to be very loyal to his kaidon, with him faithfully serving Thel 'Vadam both during and after the Human-Covenant War, irrespective of his allegiances.[1]

As of late 2559, 'Quvadamii is noticeably elderly in appearance. His eyes are wet and his age-reddened skin was so dry that it looked to be covered by scales.[1]

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