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November 2559[1]

Cause of death:

Killed by Defenders of the Sanctum[1]

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UNSC Marine Corps


Kane was a member of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers in the UNSC Marine Corps.


Battle of Netherop[edit]

Main article: Battle of Netherop (2559)

In November 2559, during the Cortana's reign over the galaxy, Kane was a part of Tango Team, an ODST force under the command of Spartan Olympia Vale and Gunnery Sergeant "Mama" Grim Bear that was deployed to the world of Netherop aboard the Point Blank-class prowler UNSC Hidden Point. Their aim was to recover the Divine Hand, a weapon that could be used to destroy Cortana's Guardians. Kane was deployed towards the surface of the planet in a D102 Owl insertion craft alongside Vale, Grim Bear, Keely Iyuska, Rosa Fuertes, P. Barnes, S. Legowski, and the other 11 ODSTs of Tango Team. During their descent, the Divine Hand was fired by Nizat 'Kvarosee and the Defenders of the Sanctum, destroying the 40 Pelican dropships accompanying the Owl and leaving Tango Team the only ones to reach the planet's surface.[2] Upon landing at the summit of the tel were the weapon had fired, Kane assisted in scouting the area. Tango Team was eventually ambushed by the Defenders of the Sanctum as the Covenant Castaways opened up a tunnel directly below their landing zone, an attack that Kane helped repel.[3]

After the ambush, Tango Team was joined by the remaining forces of Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and Commander Amalea Petrov. While the Swords of Sanghelios pursued Nizat and his forces through the tunnels, Kane infiltrated the tel alongside Vale, Barnes, Iyuska, Petrov. and First squad through a recently uncovered ventilation shaft. [4] Upon reaching the bottom, they reconnoitered the Aeroponics Chamber before pushing deeper into the tel. Kane was in the back of the formation alongside Staff Sergeant Slim Sahir, Abovian, and an unnamed trooper when Nizat and his forces ambushed them again, killing troopers Martinez and Hoi with energy swords. Sahir attempted to form a defensive line against the cloaked Sangheili, but the ODSTs were quickly attacked as well. Kane was killed in the exchange after the defensive line fell, presumably falling to an energy sword like the rest of the human casualties in the ambush.[1]


Kane was seen using a MA40 assault rifle in the field.[1]

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