Vevina sector

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"At the moment, the invasion is limited to the Polona, Grenadi, and Vevina sectors."
— General Harper Garvin remarks upon the Covenant's progress through human space.[1]

The Vevina sector is a sector of space within the Outer Colonies.[1]


The Vevina sector contains the Epsilon Indi system. It borders the Polona and Grenadi sectors, with the Grenadi being the closet to the Sol system of the three.[2][Note 1]

Humanity had established colonies within the sector, including Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system, by the time the Covenant first declared war on humans and it was the first to be invaded.[2][1]

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  1. ^ Troy Denning, author of Halo: Silent Storm explained that he considered Harvest to likely be within the Vevina sector, which his book introduced, and that he visualized their positions in this way.


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