Trysting pod

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A trysting pod is a piece of technology developed by the Sangheili. They are used by young Sangheili females to summon their mates to secret nidus dates - a custom designed to support the Sangheili custom of hiding a father's identity from their child. Trysting pods can be bought and sold in shops across the Vadam Valley (and presumably, most other regions inhabited by Sangheili), with a common example resembling a polished green orb without any particular ornate detailing on it. If both sides of the pod are pinched, the pod's locking mechanism disengages and the two halves of the sphere separate - allowing a small item such as a note to be held within. When active, a trysting pod emits a soft but erratic chirp, alerting its intended recipient to its presence.[1]

In November 2559, a trysting pod was delivered to Olympia Vale's residence in the Villa of Long Views by a Sangheili worik-driver as a covert means for Keely Iyuska to communicate with Vale and gain access to the Villa, with the intent on briefing the SPARTAN-IV on the discovery of an ancient superweapon capable of killing a Guardian Custode on Netherop.[1]

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