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Arturo Ramus
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Committee to Preserve Gao Independence[1]


Arturo Ramus is a human pipistrelle pilot and a member of the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence.[1]


Pipistrelle pilot[edit]

In late 2559, Arturo Ramus lived on the Outer Colony of Gao, working as a "dark hire" pipistrelle pilot. A dedicated member of the Committee to Preserve Gao Independence, Ramus was listed in three separate Office of Naval Intelligence databases, each describing him as a very skilled pilot and reliable transport contractor.[1]

Ramus was hired by xenoarchaeologist Keely Iyuska and Spartan-IV Olympia Vale, who were operating undercover as medical researchers studying a prion disease that had recently appeared in Gao's jungles. While on their approach to the village of Paraiso, armed men were seen waiting for them. This fact concerned Ramus, but he delivered Keely and Vale to the village square as had been agreed upon. Still, Ramus warned Vale that the men might rob and kill her, despite her stated business at the village being to collect samples from the sick residents. Before lifting off, Ramus told Vale that he be could fly around the village in a holding pattern for only thirty minutes; after that, they'd be on their own. He also told her of a rendezvous point several miles away where they could meet if things went south. Vale ensured him that they'd be fine, but that she appreciated the backup plan. Once Keely and Vale disembarked, Ramus took the pipistrelle back up into the air and began flying in a holding pattern over the village.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Arturo Ramus has been shown to be distrusting and skeptical. When nearing the village of Paraiso, Ramus was made nervous by the armed men watching their approach, telling Vale that they could be preparing to murder and rob her, despite her appearing as a simple medical researcher. Ramus didn't even let his pipistrelle rest fully on its landing struts when dropping off Keely and Vale in the village, implying that he was ready to fly off at the first sign of trouble.[1]

In late 2559, Ramus had curly black hair and a thin beard. He was also noted to have a particularly thick waist.[1]

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