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The Amazon rainforest, often simply called the Amazon, is a large rainforest in South America, Earth.[1]


Uncontacted peoples[edit]

By the 22nd century, the Khabnathwa people of the Amazon were the last remaining uncontacted culture in South America.[1]

Destruction of the Khabnathwa[edit]

At some point during the 22nd century, an unidentified man from Mars was leading a crowd-funded habitat-ship project when he realized that he could not deliver on his promises. He took the funds and fled to the Amazon to live among the Khabnathwa people. Here, the man lived in an off-the-grid mansion and convinced the Khabnathwa people that he was their god-king. Ultimately, he was discovered living among this people and presumably taken into custody, though the damage to the Khabnathwa culture had already been done.[1]

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