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UA, short for up-armor, is a category of supplemental armor attachments and accessories compatible with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. Like some other MJOLNIR variants, many of the UA pieces are not exclusive to the MJOLNIR system, but are in use by regular UNSC Army or Marine troops as well. Many UA attachments are available as Armor Permutations in Halo: Reach.[1]


Most of the helmet variants available in Halo: Reach have an up-armored upgrade, sometimes coupled with other external helmet additions such as the UA/HUL attachment to the Mark V [B] helmet. UA helmet attachments consist of reinforced metal plates or bracers attached to the helmet's forehead to give better protection to the wearer in combat.



UA Multi Threat Shoulder.png

A trade-off between increased protection and additional mass.

Price: 2,000 cR

Base Security[edit]

UA Base Security Shoulder.png

Lightweight supplemental shoulder armor.

Price: 1,200 cR



Halo reach chest armor counterassault.jpg

Supplemental Armor, Torso, MJOLNIR Mk. V; with increased storage capacity.

Price: 600 cR

This armor also known as the "UA/CA plate" upgrade adds a solid plate over the soft undersuit. This plate attaches to and moves with the chestplate, and is not attached to the undersuit. It is not affected by color choices.


Halo reach armor odst.jpg

Many technologies initially developed for MJOLNIR have seen widespread adoption.

Price: 750 cR, Warrant Officer

This chestpiece adds the standard ODST chest armor over the default Mark V chest piece. It is affected by primary color only.

UA/Base Security [W][edit]

Halo reach chest armor security.jpg

Bringing grenades to a gunfight.

Price: Career Level 30. Earn the "Yes, Sensei" achievement in Halo: Reach.

This chestpiece adds an angular steel plate over the default armor. It has four bolts that screw into the default chest armor and hold the armor on. It somewhat resembles the EOD chestpiece from Halo 3. It is affected by primary color only.

UA/Multi-Threat [W][edit]

Reach Armor bonusLG.jpg

Let's blow some stuff up.

Supplemental armor for the default Mark V chest combined with a grenade belt around the waist, designed to provide Spartans with the most impact across a variety of scenarios. The chestpiece's lightweight design allows for maximum freedom of movement.[2]

Price: N/A [GameStop Pre-Order Bonus][3]

UA/Base Security[edit]

HR UA Base Security.jpg

Keep it simple; leave everything you don't need at the CP.

Price: Tier 17 award from the Noble season in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Previously cut [W]-less version of the UA/Base Security armor.


HR UA Multi-Threat.jpg

Supplemental Armor, Torso, MJOLNIR Mk. V.

Price: Tier 18 reward from the Noble season in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Previously cut [W]-less version of the UA/Multi-Threat armor.



Halo Reach wrist armor uabuckler.jpg

Supplementary wrist protection.

This wrist armor consists of a small octagonal piece of additional armor attached just above the wrist, on the forearm guard. It is affected by primary color only.

Price: 5,000 cR


Halo reach wrist armor uabracer.jpg

Supplementary forearm protection.

Price: 10,000 cR

This forearm protector consists of a thick piece of supplemental armor held onto the gauntlet with two pairs of large clamps that strap completely around the arm. It is affected by primary color only.



Halo Reach utilites ua.jpg

Supplemental armor, reactive, non-explosive.

Price: 40,000 cR

UA/NxRA is a piece of external non-explosive reactive armor that is attached to the MJOLNIR thigh piece. It is universally compatible across UNSC armor systems, and is commonly employed by UNSC Army and Marine forces as well.


Halo reach utilites uachobham.jpg

Supplemental armor, composite.

Price: 30,000 cR

UA/Chobham adds a piece of supplementary Chobham ceramic composite armor over the side of the default MJOLNIR thigh.


  • The UA/Multi-Threat appeared in the Beta as the ASSAULT/SCOUT, this version did not include a belt. Likewise the UA/Base Security [W] appeared as the MP/BASE SECURITY which also did not include a belt.
  • The UA/BUCKLER is named after a small French shield from the middle ages of the same name.
  • The UA/CHOBHAM is named after the composite tank armor of the same name.


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