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HP, short for Hard Point, is a group of armor accessories designed for use in parachute and parafoil operations. The HP category includes various chest pieces compatible with MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, specifically MJOLNIR Mark V.[1]



Supplemental armor with hard points for High-Altitude Low-Opening gear.

Requirement(s): 600 cR
This chestpiece adds two large plates of metal over the standard armor, as well as a pair of vents underneath those plates. It also adds two grenades just under the small inlay that contains the buttons and screen on the abdomen, and a grenade belt.

Halo reach chest armor halo.jpg


Compatible with the G-25 PAS Airfoil Carapace.

Requirement(s): 8,000 cR
This chestpiece adds two straps over the standard armor, as well as a device on the belt. The player's knife is also moved to the center of the chest, parallel to the waist in a cross-draw configuration to prevent it from interfering with the straps when drawn.

Halo reach chest armor parafoil.jpg

HP/Parafoil (R)[edit]

Try to remember on your next jump that it's FEET first into hell.

Requirement(s): 175,000 cR
As the Parafoil chestpiece above, but with a prosthetic right arm.

Halo Reach Chest Armor Parafoil R.jpg


  • The description for the HP/Parafoil [R] is a reference to the ODST term "Jumping feet-first into hell."
  • The straps on the HP/Parafoil change color based on the armor's secondary color.

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