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OCEANIC-class Mjolnir

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Production overview


Hannibal Weapon Systems[1]

Testing site(s):

WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka[1]




Deep water discovery


  • Pressure-resistant cross-brace visor
  • Anterior and posterior lock chest
  • Peel-casing pauldrons
Used extensively during the recovery of Terceira from the United Rebel Front.

OCEANIC-class Mjolnir is a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN2].[1]



The helmet has a pressure-resistant cross-brace on the visor to protect the user from heavy pressure in different situations that require it. The chest has an Anterior lock and posterior lock for modular pressure shrouds. The armor also uses Peel-casing pauldrons to streamline movement in particle-dense environments.[1]

Development History[edit]

The Oceanic variant was manufactured by Hannibal Weapon Systems and tested at WG/Facility 93-00/Kotka. The suit was designed for missions in deep-water areas with little or no light.[2]

It saw prominent use during the reclamation of Terceira from the United Rebel Front at some point after the Human-Covenant War, when a number of "wake siege specialists" in this armor were deployed to take back the hydroelectric platforms distributed across the planet.[1][3]

This armor has also been deployed near artificial gravity wells and conduction-intensive fields due to it being one of the most resilient armor systems in GEN2.[1]

Due to its cost, the operation of this armor requires a level-four Ordnance Commission approval.[1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo 4[edit]

Available skins: Circuit (CRCT) and Solid (SLID)
Default unlock: Obtained by achieving Spartan Rank 47.
Circuit unlock: This armor was a pre-order bonus from Walmart. It is also available in the Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition.
Solid unlock: Purchase the Champions Bundle. It is not usable in Spartan Ops.

  • Description: Used extensively during the recovery of Terceira from the United Rebel Front.

MCC descriptions[edit]

  • Helmet description: Used extensively in the Terceira campaign.
  • Shoulder description: Modular left/right spaulder from Oceanic-class armor.
  • Chest description: Built to withstand highly dynamic pressure regimes.


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