SRS99C-S2 AM sniper rifle/Gameplay

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The SRS99C-S2 sniper rifle is extremely powerful, but with a small combat load, it is not good practice to use this weapon against weaker enemies (i.e. Grunts, Drones). However, the sniper rifle's penetration capabilities and superb, long range accuracy makes it excellent for killing higher ranking enemies at long range, which, in turn, disorganizes and demoralizes the enemy troops, making combat against a large ground force much easier.


  • Take cover behind any rock or building (if any). Easily take aim and make sure you fire before the hostile sees you. Also stick to high ground (if any). Do not waste rounds on minor threats like Grunts or shield-bearing Jackals since ammo is usually scarce and you can kill them easily with other weapons too. Even from a distance, the pistol can usually take care of them in one headshot.
  • A good setup in Covenant levels is to take sniper rifle for longer range and difficult foes, such as Elites. A secondary weapon can be anything you feel good to take out minor foes like Jackals and Grunts. The M6D magnum is an excellent secondary weapon, because of the accuracy, stopping power and zoom function. This pistol negates the need of sniper rifle for short range combat, thus saving its scarce ammo, so you can use it against Zealots, Ultras, Major Elites, etc.
  • In Flood levels, the sniper rifle should be ignored, as the rounds pass through combat and carrier forms, doing little to no damage at all. However, in levels that include both enemies (Covenant and Flood units), one could bring the sniper rifle for Covenant enemies and the M90 shotgun (or other weapon that the player feels good to use against flood), to maximize damage against both foes.
  • The sniper rifle is more than capable of killing in one or two shots on its own. One headshot from either weapon can kill an unshielded enemy (more shots from the pistol may be required for higher-ranking enemies, but its higher rate of fire and more plentiful ammo compensate for this).


  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, effective use of the sniper rifle in multiplayer takes a lot of practice. It is necessary to aim in front of a target to accommodate for server lag, how far one should aim in front depends on their angle onto the target and the amount of lag in the server. Targets are shot easiest when they are head on, moving directly toward you.
  • A head-shot will kill an enemy outright, regardless of shield. Night vision is best used in dark areas (obviously) but is useless in maps that have high color contrast. Good secondary weapons include the M6D Pistol which can, when shot accurately, dispose of an enemy in 3 shots regardless of shield. Its 2× zoom make it the perfect partner for the SRS99C-S2 AM.
  • Use natural formations and buildings to snipe from, but move constantly and erratically (including jumping and crouching) to lower the effectiveness of counter-sniping. The fact that 14.5×114mm rounds leave a smoky trail is the weapons largest downside (apart from the small magazine capacity) it exposes one's position and alerts the enemy easily; constant position changing is advised to confuse the enemy. Find something to hide behind while you reload, and reload when not in a firefight. Good snipers cover teammates and kill anyone who is chasing the person on your team with the flag (note: this is only for CTF).