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Diminisher of Hope orthographic views.

Diminisher of Hope was the personal gravity axe of the Banished War Chief, Escharum.[1]


Design details[edit]

A cut-out of Escharum wielding Diminisher of Hope.
Escharum wielding Diminisher of Hope.

Diminisher of Hope is similar to other gravitic-based bludgeoning weapons developed by the Jiralhanae, such as the gravity hammer and gravity mace. It employs gravitic impellors within its central core to create the gravitic blast when striking a surface, and combines this effect with twin asymmetrical plasma blades similar to those found on energy swords or Atriox's personal mace, Chainbreaker. The twin red blades serve as both a tool of close-quarters combat, but also as an epitome of the weapon's name—reflective of Escharum's long experience in warfare both before and after the assimilation of the Jiralhanae race into the Covenant empire.[1]

In his view, Escharum believed that while an enemy could be defeated in the field, materiel losses could be rebuilt and replaced if given time. As such, Escharum preferred to focus on sapping enemy morale, which would then lead to an ensured victory. The epithet Diminisher of Hope serves as an example of this philosophy—forgoing the more grandiose personal weapon names such as Prophets' Bane in favour of a simple declaration of intent. The axe's twin red blades are purported to have helped fill this purpose in battle once active, by instilling fear within the enemies of Escharum.[1] The energy blades also serve to decrease the weapon's weight when compared to other similar weapons, allowing the user to be more mobile while wielding it.[2][3]


Escharum carried the Diminisher of Hope during Operation: WOLFE[4] as well as the Battle for Zeta Halo. During his duel with John-117 at the House of Reckoning, Escharum initially used a scrap cannon. After the Spartan permanently disabled his shield, Escharum discarded the Scrap cannon in favor of the Diminisher of Hope.[5]

In-game information[edit]

The Diminisher of Hope is a legendary weapon in the campaign of Halo Infinite. It can be acquired and wielded after the player has defeated Escharum in House of Reckoning. It is similar to a gravity hammer, with an increased area-of-effect damage.[5] It also bestows a faster run speed on the player.[2][3]

It can be acquired at any Forward Operating Base following the completion of the level.

Production notes[edit]

The description for the Diminisher of Hope in Forge erroneously referred to the weapon as a gravity hammer and its plasma blades as hard light blades.[3] The Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) established the weapon as a gravity axe with plasma blades.[1]


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