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Ukala Workshop Breach Pistol
Production overview






52.7 centimetres (20.7 in)[2][3][1]

Ammunition type:

7.9mm explosive metal bolts[3][1]

Feed system:

Five-round magazine[2][3][1]



Rate of fire:


Effective range:

Very short[2][3][1][4]

Service history

In service:


The Ukala Workshop Breach Pistol[1] (UNSC Type classification: Type-52 Pistol, T-52 P),[5] more commonly known as the mauler, is a sidearm developed by the Ukala Workshop and employed by the Jiralhanae following the First Immolation on Doisac.[3] Following the Jiralhanae's absorption into the Covenant, the mauler was manufactured by the Sacred Promissory on High Charity.[2] It is the companion weapon to the Ukala Workshop Mangler.[6]


An angled view of the mauler.

Design details[edit]

While the Ukala Workshop Breach Pistol is used by the Jiralhanae as a high-caliber pistol,[1] it is functionally analogous to drum-fed human shotguns.[3] The mauler's poor barrel choke considerably reduces its effective range to close quarters combat.[3] As such, the mauler is designed to allow the user incapacitate enemies before closing the distance for a final blow.[1] The magazine holds five 7.9mm superheated metal explosive bolts. Upon being fired, a salvo of the explosive bolts are ejected from the weapon, creating a scatter-shot effect reminiscent of human shotguns. Like all Jiralhanae weapons, the mauler is equipped with a small blade underneath from its handle, which allows the operator to puncture an enemy's armor or even slam its end into the enemy's skull.[3][1] While the mauler's blade is modified differently across clans and their respective workshop, the Ukala's design is the most common variant.[1]


Carried by Jiralhanae skin traders, forge wardens, and pack vigilantes on raids,[1] the mauler plays an anti-personnel weapon for close quarters combat in the Jiralhanae arsenal.[2][3] The mauler first saw use during the Battle of Gbraakon on Doisac, shortly after the Jiralhanae's global war. During the Human-Covenant War, it was employed by all ranks of Jiralhanae,[4][7] including ones that held the specialist rank of Stalkers.[3]


The mauler is featured in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. It can be dual-wielded in Halo 3.


While a single Mauler is not as powerful as the UNSC M90 Shotgun by itself, the Mauler is still a lethal weapon up close. One shot to a light-armored or non-armored target will result in an instant kill, and the blade on the bottom of the weapon makes it an effective melee weapon, a fact helped by the Mauler's impressively fast melee swing and recovery. When dual-wielded by a Spartan or Sangheili, the Mauler's power is doubled and will kill a heavily armored or shielded target in one shot if fired at the same time at close range. Using a single Mauler against a heavily-armored or shielded target is risky, but still results in a kill if the user fires off a shot and follows up with a quick melee attack. Firing two or three times in rapid succession could perhaps result in a kill. Also, as well as having a faster reload than a Shotgun thanks to its magazine, it has a faster fire rate which is particularly useful when dual-wielding. Lastly, the Mauler is the only close-range weapon that can be dual-wielded, so the user will not have to waste valuable seconds switching to another weapon.


The Mauler is generally unable to inflict the one-hit kill damage that the M90 Shotgun and later M45 shotguns and Z-180 Scattershot are capable of, unless dual wielded. The spread of the Mauler's shell severely limits its range, and any weapon that can be used outside of close range can take down a user with a Mauler. Ammunition is often rare to come by, and its five shell magazine can be used up rather quickly.

Production notes[edit]

Screenshot from Et Tu, Brute? showcasing a Brute wielding the Excavator.
A Brute holding the early Excavator model in the Et Tu, Brute? ViDoc.
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The Mauler's design lineage traces back to the development of Halo: Combat Evolved. During the 1999-2000-era third-person builds of the game, the UNSC were to have a weapon referred to as the "Excavator". The weapon was ultimately shelved, but would eventually form the basis for the Mauler in Halo 3. Early versions of the Mauler concept showcase a form much more similar to the original Excavator, including Blamite as its ammunition before eventually evolving into the design seen today.[8]

The Mauler remains named the excavator in the internal game files of Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo Online.


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