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Pre-release render of the Ravager from Halo Infinite.
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The Ravager is a weapon in service with the Banished, it is capable of launching plasma, and features a blade at the end of the weapon.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Ravager has a profile and design similar to the Type-25 Spiker. Unlike the Spiker, the Ravager is a directed-energy weapon, firing red plasma incendiary bolts at targets. Once fired, the plasma incendiary rounds travel in a shallow arc[2], though can be affected by the presence of anti-gravity technology. When impacting a surface, the incendiary splashes the plasma around the point of impact.[3]

The Ravager is capable of being used in an anti-vehicle and anti-air capacity, with Banished troops using them to shoot down at least one F-41 Broadsword during Operation: WOLFE.[2] They are also capable of melting through the Titanium-A armor of MJOLNIR GEN3.[3]

Like many Jiralhanae weapons, the Ravager has a blade mounted under the weapon's barrel. However, the Ravager is unique in that it fires plasma rather than physical projectiles.[1]

Development history[edit]

The Ravager is a weapon of Jiralhanae - and likely Banished - design. It was relatively newly-introduced in 2559, to the point that Blue Team were unfamiliar with the design.[2]


The weapon was employed by the Gray Guards serving the Banished during Operation: WOLFE.[3] It was also employed by at least one of the Sangheili troops involved in the raid on Anodyne Spirit during the Second Ark Conflict.[4]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The pickup prompt indicates that the Ravager is a "Launcher", with Plasma and Burst properties. The Ravager plasma arcs after it is fired from the weapon. If the player continuously fires the weapon without waiting, the Ravager will eventually need to be "vented" so it can be used again.[1]


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