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Anti-tank launcher[1]


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Post-Covenant War conflicts


The skewer is an infantry-portable anti-tank spike weapon employed by the Banished.[2][1]


Design details[edit]

The skewer is an anti-tank weapon employed by Banished Jiralhanae, with such operators known as "skewer-bearers".[1] The launcher fires a "rocket-sized" spike capable of piercing through the armor of a main battle tank, or punch through the energy shields and titanium shell of GEN3 MJOLNIR armor.[1] The launcher has an emitter of some kind, likely of gravitic operation similar to other Jiralhanae spike weaponry, which is used to launch the spike round and can be intensified[2] - presumably to adjust the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile.

Skewers are magazine-fed weapons and can be reloaded.[2] When ready to fire, the spike projectile in the barrel can be seen sticking out of the weapon; underneath the barrel is a sword-length bayonet.[1] When used against infantry, the force of the projectile impact is enough to send the target flying back, or knock them off elevated surfaces.[2] They can also be used as anti-air weapons, with the spikes capable of penetrating the armored cockpit of a Phantom dropship.[2]


Skewers are operated by Banished skewer-bearers. Ostensibly intended for an anti-tank role, Jiralhanae troops frequently take glee in using them to devastating effect against enemy infantry.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Raid on Anodyne Spirit[edit]

The Jiralhanae Choros wielded a skewer during the raid on the keyship Anodyne Spirit during the Second Ark Conflict.[2] Later, several skewers were employed by Banished forces on Reach during Operation: WOLFE.[1]

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