Scorpion Tail

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Not to be confused with the Handheld scorpion cannon.
A Zvezda-clad Spartan firing a Scorpion Tail (a modified Grenflekt Workshop Scrap Cannon) on Oasis.
A Spartan firing a Scorpion Tail on Oasis.

"Packs a powerful sting."
— Forge description[1]

Scorpion Tail is a special weapon in Halo Infinite multiplayer.[2]

The Scorpion Tail is available as a Forge item and appears in certain matchmade Big Team Battle games. While the weapon reuses the scrap cannon's in-game model, HUD icon, and reticule, the Scorpion Tail functions like the Scorpion's cannon, even ejecting 90mm shells after firing, albeit firing the cannon at a higher rate of fire.[2] In matchmaking, the weapon typically carries a total of five rounds, with the HUD's ammo counter displaying "004%" for four rounds in reserve, because it retained the percentage counter used by the scrap cannon and other turrets in the game. The weapon was initially only available during BTB Heavy matches on Breaker as a replacement for heavy vehicles, because the map was not designed for Scorpions or Wraiths, though it later became available on Scarr when the map was added to potential maps for BTB Heavy.

Production notes[edit]

  • The weapon class tooltip for the Scorpion Tail reads "Shenanigans" in place of its effective range.[2]
  • The Scorpion Tail was likely inspired by the handheld scorpion cannon glitch in the Halo Infinite campaign that was removed, then restored in an update following community backlash.[3]


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