Skins (Halo 3)/SniperRifle

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In-game Appearance Name Unlock Requirements Description
N/A Default Unlocked by default Default skin.
H3 SniperRifle Golden Skin.png
Golden Series 4, Tier 50 (Season point 1) Bling on the ring.
H3 SniperRifle Avalanche Skin.png
Avalanche Series 4 Challenge: Recon Renegade
(Reach Rank MCC - Rank 20.png in the Recon Slayer competitive playlist)
Like Sidewinder, but with more polygons.
H3 SniperRifle Woodland Skin.png
Woodland Series 4, Tier 22 (Season point 1) Camping is a legitimate strategy.
H3 SniperRifle Desert Skin.png
Desert Series 4, Tier 35 (Season point 1) Looks very stylish with a poncho.
H3 SniperRifle RedAlert Skin.png
Red Alert Series 5, Tier 61 (Season point 1) The source of cautionary tales.
H3 SniperRifle HazardPay Skin.png
Hazard Pay Series 5, Tier 68 (Season point 1) Safety first!
H3 SniperRifle BlackRhino Skin.png
Black Rhine Series 6, The Exchange (Season point 3) An artist appreciates their tools.
H3 SniperRifle AmethystRaven Skin.png
Amethyst Raven Series 6, Tier 17 (Season point 1) Searching for foes under alien skies.
Season 8 skin icon.
Scorned Fate The Exchange, (Season point 4) The hand of Atropos weighs heavily on executioners.
HTMCC Season 8 battlepass icon.
Vexing Tomorrow Series 8, Tier 47 (Season point 1) True are is rarely appreciated by its target audience.
MCC Menu icon.
OGX Sniper The Exchange