Ciar 'Yaham

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Ciar 'Yaham
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Ciar 'Yaham is a Sangheili[Note 1] scientist in the Banished, with the task of finding, analyzing and decrypting Forerunner data who was present on Installation 07.[1]


Ciar was present on Installation 07, where they had discovered a datastream at a beacon that they identified as Forerunner. Ciar sent a datastream to both their colleague Dahk'rah and the House of Reckoning. He then continued to other Beacons to make more scans uncover more data.[1]

Dahk'rah researched the datastream and analyzed it, which helped Ciar with his research. After finding another datastream at a second beacon, they reported this information to the scientists at Annex Ridge.[2] With the help of Dahk'rah, they identified another Conduit. However, Ciar could not understand the transmissions and searched for further ways to understand their message.[3]

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  1. ^ a b Although their species is not confirmed, is likely that Ciar is a Sangheili due to their naming scheme.


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