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A holotank hologram of Covenant forces deployed around Reach.
The Covenant on Reach.

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The participants in the Fall of Reach were numerous. Both the Covenant and the UNSC deployed large numbers of naval and groundside forces, as well as dozens of different types of vehicles and equipment.


Naval assets[edit]


Main article: UNSC starship

The UNSC's naval assets were quite extensive during the battle. The Paris-class heavy frigate,[1][2] the Charon-class light frigate,[3] the Stalwart-class light frigate,[4] the Punic-class supercarrier,[5] the Marathon-class heavy cruiser,[6][7] and the Halberd-class light destroyer[4] were used during the battle. An unidentified UNSC ship class was also somehow used, but destroyed over Reach.[8]

Fleet Class Name Status
Epsilon Eridani Fleet Punic-class supercarrier UNSC Trafalgar Destroyed
Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Grafton Destroyed
UNSC Savannah Destroyed
UNSC Saratoga Destroyed
Unknown UNSC carrier UNSC Musashi Destroyed
Halcyon-class light cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn Survived
Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Hannibal Destroyed
UNSC Leviathan Destroyed
Halberd-class light destroyer UNSC Iroquois Unknown
UNSC Herodotus Destroyed
UNSC destroyer UNSC Majestic Unknown
UNSC Minotaur Destroyed
UNSC Tharsis Destroyed
Charon-class light frigate UNSC Aegis Fate Survived
Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Gettysburg Salvaged[Note 1]
UNSC Promise of Dawn Survived
Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC Stalwart Dawn Unknown
UNSC frigate UNSC Euphrates Unknown
Unidentified prowler class UNSC Circumference Destroyed
UNSC prowler UNSC Applebee Unknown
UNSC Lark Unknown
Unknown UNSC Basra Destroyed

Space stations[edit]

Reach was protected by 20 Orbital defense platforms.[9] The Moncton-class orbital weapon platform were among them[4] as well as one unidentified class of ODP.[10]

Class Name Status
Remote Scanning Outpost Fermion Destroyed
Repair and Refit Anchor 9 Unknown
Other Reach Station Gamma Destroyed

Military personnel[edit]

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Admiral Roland Freemont KIA
Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth KIA
Danforth Whitcomb Survived
Captain Jacob Keyes Survived
Kristòf Jen KIA
Unnamed Captain Unknown
Commander Ádám Virág KIA
Lieutenant Aki Hikowa Survived
Dominique Survived
Lieutenant, Junior Grade Bill Streeter KIA
David Brightling KIA
Ensign William Lovell Survived
Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 Survived
Senior Chief Petty Officer Frederic-104 Survived
Chief Petty Officer McRobb KIA
Petty Officer Second Class James-005 MIA
Li-008 Survived
Joshua-029 KIA
Vinh-030 KIA
Isaac-039 KIA
William-043 Survived
Anton-044 Survived
Linda-058 Survived
Malcolm-059 KIA
Kelly-087 Survived
Grace-093 Survived
Francis Mallarde KIA
UNSC Army Colonel Urban Holland Unknown
Captain Santos Unknown
Commander Carter-A259 KIA
Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 KIA
Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 KIA
Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 KIA
Warrant Officer Emile-A239 KIA
Jun-A266 Survived
Sergeant Major Duvall Unknown
Corporal Travis Unknown
Unknown Gabriel Thorne Survived
Beta Romeo Actual Unknown
UNSC Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck Survived
Marcus Stacker Survived
Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson Survived
Major Antonio Silva Survived
First Lieutenant Buckman Survived
Jake Chapman Survived
Corporal Errera KIA
Taylor Miles Survived
Wilkins Survived
Private First Class Wallace Jenkins Survived
Private Bisenti Survived
O'Brien Survived
Unknown Baruti Komen KIA
Unified Ground Command Unknown Blue-Delta Unknown
Unknown Unknown Echo Dispatch Unknown
Evacuation Dispatch Unknown
Kilo Dispatch Unknown
Dragon X-ray Unknown


Ground forces[edit]



Over the course of the battle, the UNSC utilized a variety of its vehicle arsenal. Numerous M12 Warthog variants were deployed to engage the Covenant. These include the M12 Chaingun Warthog,[1] M12G1 Gauss Warthog,[11] the M12R Rocket Warthog,[1] and the M831 Troop Warthog.[11] The M808C Scorpion and the M274R Mongoose were also deployed.[1]

The UNSC also deployed a number of aircraft including the UH-144A Falcon[1] and UH-144B Falcon,[12] and the D77-TC Pelican.[11] The FSS-1000 Sabre[2] and the SS-110 Longsword were also deployed by the UNSC.[1]

Type Name Status
D77-TC Pelican Bravo 001 Destroyed
Whiskey 039 Unknown
Whiskey 035 Unknown
Whiskey 037 Unknown
Whiskey 036 Unknown
GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor Knife 26 Destroyed
UH-144 Falcon Charlie 1 Unknown
Charlie 2 Unknown
Kilo 33 Unknown
Kilo 34 Unknown
FSS-1000 Sabre Bravo 029 Destroyed
Echo 001 Unknown
Echo 002 Unknown
Echo 003 Unknown
Echo 004 Unknown

Artificial intelligence[edit]

Main article: Artificial intelligence
Name Status
Araquiel KIA
Auntie Dot Unknown
Cortana Survived
Déjà Unknown
Doppler KIA
Gabriela Survived
Kalmiya KIA
Wellsley Survived


Stationary weapons[edit]

The UNSC made use of the M71 Scythe[11] and the M95 Lance.[13]


The UNSC made use of both the small and large variants of M72 Mobile Barriers.[2]



Class Name Status
Passenger Ship 6 Echo 2 Destroyed
7 Echo 3 Unknown


Name Status
Sára Sorvad Unknown
Laszlo Sorvad KIA
Catherine Halsey Survived, but declared KIA by ONI.
Chen Bax Survived


A Kewu-pattern battleship along with 3 CAS-class assault carriers during the Fall of Reach on morning of August 30, 2552.
Various Covenant fleet elements at the Fall of Reach.

Naval assets[edit]

Main article: Covenant starship

The Covenant deployed numerous naval forces. Two fleets were sent to the planet, pre-August 30 with numerous ships.[2] By August 30th, 2552, the Covenant sent 315 ships to attack Reach.[14]

Specific type of ships present were Sinaris-pattern heavy destroyers and Ket-pattern battlecruisers with support from a "sniper" ship.[4] There were also multiple battleships,[15] multiple light cruisers,[16] and multiple Ester-pattern armored frigates.[17]

Fleet Class Name Status
Fleet of Valiant Prudence Sh'wada-pattern supercarrier Long Night of Solace Destroyed
Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette Ardent Prayer Destroyed
Fleet of Particular Justice CAS-class assault carrier Seeker of Truth Survived
Ket-pattern battlecruiser Truth & Reconciliation Survived
CPV-class destroyer Esteem Unknown
Ester-pattern armored frigate Penance Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unnamed Covenant Cruiser Destroyed
Unknown Valorous Salvation Fled to Beta Gabriel mid-battle

Military personnel[edit]

Branch Rank Name Status
Ministry of Fervent Intercession Supreme Commander Rho 'Barutamee KIA
Fleetmaster Kantar 'Utaralee Unknown
Shipmaster Ardo 'Moretumee KIA
Ministry of Resolution Shipmaster Lat 'Ravamee Survived
"Covenant fleet" Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee Survived
Shipmaster Unnamed Shipmaster Survived
Unknown Jiralhanae Chieftain Parabum Fled to Beta Gabriel mid-battle
Unknown Daga 'Rathum Survived
Thav 'Sebarim Survived


Ground forces[edit]



The Covenant deployed a number vehicles in their campaign against Reach. They deployed the Is'belox-pattern Banshee, the Dextro Xur-pattern Spirit,[18] the Ru'swum-pattern Phantom,[11] R'shwupa-pattern Phantom, the Elsedda-pattern Banshee, and the Morsam-pattern Seraph.[2]

Ground side, the Covenant deployed a number of vehicles including the Karo'etba-pattern Ghost, the Zurdo-pattern Wraith, the Rizvum-pattern Revenant,[11] and the Deutoros-pattern Scarab.[19]


Stationary weapons[edit]

The Covenant made use of large Cheru-pattern Tyrant AA guns during the battle.[1]


The Covenant made use of the Almar-pattern repository.[1] As part of their cover system, they also used the Pavise of the Worthy[11] and Guardian Triptychs.[20] For communications, Spike of Obeisances were placed down.[1]

Production notes[edit]

In early renders and footage for Halo: Reach, the Falcon was noted as being part of VMX-22.[21][22]

A number of named soldiers are also seen as having participated in the battle through the randomed Fireteam mechanic in Halo: Reach.



  1. ^ Following the Raid on Reach, the survivors of Battle of Installation 04 and Fall of Reach found Gettysburg to mostly be intact, minus its crew. It was soon recovered and merged with the captured Ascendant Justice.


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