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Gamma 5


Fall of Reach


First Lieutenant Buckman


Gamma 5 was a UNSC military unit stationed on the planet Reach, and a part of Charlie Company.


Fall of Reach[edit]

During the Fall of Reach, the unit defended ODG A-412, losing all but 14 men in the process. After the facility was overrun by two divisions of Covenant, Gamma 5 regrouped with Gamma 1. The unit operated at least one drone, through which they witnessed Spartan Beta Red engaging 30,000 Covenant troops. Beta Red bought some time for Gamma 1 and Gamma 5 to get out of harm's way,[1] after which Iron Fist advised them to get to a nearby temporary evacuation station.[2] Just then, three Covenant cruisers appeared over them, headed towards Beta Red's position. The UNSC Majestic was called in to perform a MAC strike on the cruisers, despite Beta Red, Gamma 1 and Gamma 5 being in the splash zone. While the status of the rest of the unit is unknown, Chapman and Buckman survived the blast.[3]

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