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Fermion receiving a probe moments before its destruction.
Fermion self-destructs as several Covenant ships pass nearby.
Gamma station, this is Fermion RSO. Unconfirmed report of an in-system slipspace rupture.

Remote Scanning Outpost Fermion, also known as Fermion RSO, was an outpost in the Epsilon Eridani system designed to detect incoming threats to the Reach military complex.


By 2552, it was crewed by three individuals, the late Chief Petty Officer McRobb, Lieutenant, Junior Grade Bill Streeter, and Lieutenant (J.G.) David Brightling.[1] On August 30, 2552, Fermion's Slipstream space probes detected a fleet of over 300 Covenant vessels entering the Epsilon Eridani system. Prior to identifying the transient Slipspace contact, it attempted to initiate the Cole Protocol. However, the station's science library (which contained every UNSC Astrophysics journal) was offline for repairs and could not be erased with the viral scavengers. Fermion alerted FLEETCOM and the last order commanding officer McRobb gave was to lock out the reactor safeties and flood the reactor with deuterium, triggering the station's self-destruction.[2]

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