UNSC Euphrates

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UNSC Euphrates

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Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


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UNSC Euphrates was a warship in service with the UNSC Navy.

Service history[edit]

It was preparing to launch a reconnaissance mission as part of Operation: HYPODERMIC in 2552, when the Covenant attacked the planet Reach. The vessel was ordered to drop its mission and return to defend the planet, where it was probably destroyed during the Fall of Reach.

In addition to her complements of weapons and fighters, the UNSC Euphrates had a Prowler attached to her.[1]


The UNSC Euphrates is most likely named after the Euphrates River in Iraq. It, along with the Tigris River, formed an area in the Middle East known as the "Fertile Crescent". This area was the birthplace of several large ancient empires, including the Assyrians and Sumerians.

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  1. ^ Halo: First Strike, page 94 ("Although the Euphrates did have a Prowler attached to her. They were supposed to launch a reconnaissance mission, before they got the signal to drop everything and help defend Reach")