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The Halo Grunt Ad is a commercial for Halo: The Master Chief Collection released on March 14, 2015. It shows an Unggoy Storm being interviewed for being the only Covenant soldier who survived every battle against the Master Chief. Though he presents himself as though he were a very capable soldier, footage shows that he actually only survived each battle because he ran and hid.[1]


Xbox Logo.

Cut to a small studio with a chair, curtain, lights, and mic. An Unggoy Storm walks in from the right, sees the mic, and taps on it to be sure it's working.

Zoom in on the Grunt as he sits on the chair.

  • Interviewer: Hello there. You all set? You need some water?
  • Grunt: Mm-hm! Drink please!

The Grunt is handed a water bottle. He takes it and chugs it down, gagging a bit as he swallows.

  • Interviewer: Great. So, your claim to fame is that you are the only Covenant soldier to survive every battle with the Master Chief?
  • Grunt: Yes! (coughs) Correct!
  • Interviewer: And you say this is because you are, quote, "smarter, stronger, and faster than the Master Chief"?

Cut to a battle of the beach of the Silent Cartographer. Zoom in on the Unggoy Storm, perched on a Forerunner structure.

  • Interviewer: But that's you hiding, isn't it?
  • Grunt: That's not me!

Cut back to the studio.

  • Interviewer: I'm pretty sure it is.

Cut to a battle at Sniper Alley on Requiem. The Unggoy Storm flees behind a rock.

  • Interviewer: How 'bout here?
  • Grunt: Aw, that's nothing like me!

Cut to a battle in the ruins on Installation 05. The Unggoy Storm is hanging from a tree.

  • Interviewer: And here?
  • Grunt: Aw, that's c-clearly somebody else!

Cut back to the studio.

  • Interviewer: So how do you plan to survive The Master Chief Collection, where players can relive every battle with the Master Chief-

The Grunt begins to look shocked.

  • Interviewer: -over...

Master Chief mows down Grunts on Cairo Station.

  • Interviewer: -and over...

Master Chief melees a Storm Grunt in the Dawn.

  • Interviewer: -and over and over...

Chief fires from a Warthog turret on Requiem.

  • Interviewer: -and over...

Grunts get shot down in Cairo Station and the Kenyan jungle.

  • Interviewer: -and over again?

An explosion on Installation 05 sends a Grunt flying.

Cut to the studio. The chair is knocked over and the Grunt is hiding behind the curtain, his toes poking out.

  • Interviewer: You know we can see you, right?

The Grunt pulls his feet in.



Xbox One logo.


  • The Lucky Grunt is not wearing a breathing mask during the interview (though it does during flashback scenes), which calls into question how it's breathing while in the studio. It's possible the room may be filled with methane instead oxygen, though that raises questions about how the interviewer, the water bottle passer, and the plants in the background are surviving.
  • The Lucky Grunt wears the Unggoy Storm harness in all the Human-Covenant War battle scenes, but other Grunts seen are wearing the typical Unggoy Minor harness.
  • The Lucky Grunt is the first Unggoy heard speaking English since Halo 3: ODST in 2009. It appears to be voiced by Joseph Staten, making it the first Grunt voiced by him since Halo: Reach in 2010.