Doberman gator

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This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.
File:H2 DobermanGator Concept.jpg
Part dog, part gator.

The "doberman gator" was a reptile-like animal that was cut out from Halo 2, but appeared in its Collector's Edition DVD.[1]


  • Robert McLees: "Hey!"
  • Marcus Lehto: "There you go, Rob."
  • Shi Kai Wang: "It's the... uh..."
  • Robert McLees: "Gator...?"
  • Shi Kai Wang: "Dog...?"
  • Robert McLees: "Doberman...?"
  • Marcus Lehto: "Doberman gator?"


  • It appears from the transcript above that Bungie originally did not know what to name the creature, and simply fused "Doberman" and "Gator" together to form the label "doberman gator."
  • Its anatomy also slightly resembles that of the prehistoric Gorgonopsids which lived on Earth within the Permian. There are also similarities between it and Ambulocetus; an aquatic as well as terrestrial ancestor of Earth's Cetaceans which lived throughout the Eocene.


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