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Halo: Combat Evolved

  1. Assault on the Control RoomAssault on the Control Room (conflict)
  2. Assault on the Control Room (level)Assault on the Control Room
  3. Assault on the Control Room (level)/WalkthroughAssault on the Control Room/Walkthrough
  4. Infinity (Halo PC level)Infinity (Halo: Combat Evolved map)

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

  1. Installation 04 (level)Installation 04 (map)

Halo 2

  1. Cairo StationCairo Station (station)
  2. Cairo Station (level)Cairo Station
  3. Cairo Station (level)/WalkthroughCairo Station/Walkthrough
  4. Delta Halo (level)Delta Halo
  5. Delta Halo (level)/WalkthroughDelta Halo/Walkthrough
  6. Regret (disambiguation)Regret
  7. Regret (level)Regret (Halo 2 level)
  8. Regret (level)/WalkthroughRegret (Halo 2 level)/Walkthrough
  9. Quarantine zoneQuarantine zone (location)
  10. Quarantine Zone (level)Quarantine Zone
  11. Quarantine Zone (level)/WalkthroughQuarantine Zone/Walkthrough
  12. AscensionAscension (ceremony)
  13. Ascension (level)Ascension
  14. Colossus (level)Colossus (map)
  15. RelicRelic (location) (Idk, this should probably just be deleted or renamed entirely.)
  16. Relic (level)Relic
  17. Terminal (level)Terminal (map)

Halo 2: Anniversary


Halo 3

  1. Crow's NestCrow's Nest (location)
  2. Crow's Nest (level)Crow's Nest
  3. Crow's Nest (level)/WalkthroughCrow's Nest/Walkthrough
  4. Tsavo HighwayTsavo highway (location)
  5. Tsavo Highway (level)Tsavo Highway
  6. Tsavo Highway (level)/WalkthroughTsavo Highway/Walkthrough
  7. Construct (level)Construct (Disambig unneeded. Maybe add disambig header for Constructor on page itself)
  8. Guardian (level)Guardian (map)
  9. FoundryFoundry (location)
  10. Foundry (level)Foundry
  11. AssemblyThe Assembly
  12. Assembly (level)Assembly
  13. CitadelCitadel (disambiguation)
  14. Citadel (level)Citadel
  15. HereticList of known Covenant heretics
  16. Heretic (level)Heretic

Halo Wars

  1. Alpha Base (level)Alpha Base (Halo Wars level)
  2. Alpha Base (level)/WalkthroughAlpha Base (Halo Wars level)/Walkthrough
  3. ReactorReactor (Halo Wars level)
  4. Reactor/WalkthroughReactor (Halo Wars level)/Walkthrough
  5. Reactor (disambiguation)Reactor
  6. EscapeEscape (Halo Wars level)
  7. Escape/WalkthroughEscape (Halo Wars level)/Walkthrough
  8. Make Escape a disambiguation page
  9. Fort DeenFort Deen (location)
  10. Fort Deen (level)Fort Deen
  11. BarrensBarrens (Halo Wars map)
  12. Make Barrens a disambiguation page

Halo 3: ODST

  1. Tayari PlazaTayari Plaza (location)
  2. Tayari Plaza (level)Tayari Plaza
  3. Tayari Plaza (level)/WalkthroughTayari Plaza/Walkthrough
  4. Uplift ReserveUplift Nature Reserve
  5. Uplift Reserve (level)Uplift Reserve
  6. Uplift Reserve (level)/WalkthroughUplift Reserve/Walkthrough
  7. Kizingo BoulevardKizingo Boulevard (location)
  8. Kizingo Boulevard (level)Kizingo Boulevard
  9. Kizingo Boulevard (level)/WalkthroughKizingo Boulevard/Walkthrough
  10. ONI Alpha SiteONI Alpha Site (location)
  11. ONI Alpha Site (level)ONI Alpha Site
  12. ONI Alpha Site (level)/WalkthroughONI Alpha Site/Walkthrough
  13. NMPD HeadquartersNMPD headquarters (Just a capitalisation tweak - don't want a URF situation)
  14. NMPD HQ (level)NMPD HQ
  15. NMPD HQ (level)/WalkthroughNMPD HQ/Walkthrough
  16. Kikowani StationKikowani Station (location)
  17. Kikowani Station (level)Kikowani Station
  18. Kikowani Station (level)/WalkthroughKikowani Station/Walkthrough
  19. Rally pointRally point (terminology)
  20. Rally Point (level)Rally Point

Halo: Reach

  1. WINTER CONTINGENCYWINTER CONTINGENCY (protocol) (Maybe? Feedback wanted!)
  2. Winter Contingency (level)Winter Contingency (Existing Winter Contingency page is a redirect)
  3. Winter Contingency (level)/WalkthroughWinter Contingency/Walkthrough
  4. New AlexandriaNew Alexandria (location)
  5. New Alexandria (level)New Alexandria
  6. New Alexandria (level)/WalkthroughNew Alexandria/Walkthrough
  7. The PackageThe Package (animated short)
  8. The Package (level)The Package
  9. The Package (level)/WalkthroughThe Package/Walkthrough
  10. Forge World/AsylumAsylum
  11. Forge World/HemorrhageHemorrhage
  12. Forge World/ParadisoParadiso
  13. Forge World/PinnaclePinnacle
  14. Forge World/The CageThe Cage
  15. Sword Base (level)Sword Base (Existing Sword Base page is a redirect)
  16. Zealot (level)Zealot (map)
  17. Anchor 9 (level)Anchor 9 (map)
  18. Beachhead (Halo: Reach level)Beachhead (Halo: Reach map)
  19. Corvette (level)Corvette (map)
  20. GlacierGlacier (Halo: Reach map)
  21. Make Glacier a disambiguation page
  22. OutpostOutpost (building)
  23. Outpost (level)Outpost

Halo 4

  1. DawnDawn (disambiguation)
  2. Dawn (level)Dawn
  3. Dawn (level)/WalkthroughDawn/Walkthrough

Halo 5: Guardians

  1. Glassed (level)Glassed
  2. Glassed (level)/WalkthroughGlassed/Walkthrough
  3. Meridian StationMeridian Station (location)
  4. Meridian Station (level)Meridian Station
  5. GuardiansThe Guardians
  6. Guardians (level)Guardians
  7. MercyProphet of Mercy
  8. Mercy (level)Mercy (Mercy page is currently a redirect, but seldom used)
  9. TruthProphet of Truth
  10. Truth (level)Truth (Truth page is currently a redirect, but seldom used)
  11. Regret (Halo 5: Guardians level)Regret (Halo 5: Guardians map)
  12. Tyrant (level)Tyrant (Tyrant page is currently a redirect, but seldom used)
  13. Barrens (Halo 5: Guardians level)Barrens (Halo 5: Guardians map)
  14. Glacier (Halo 5: Guardians level)Glacier (Halo 5: Guardians map)
  15. SummitSummit (building)
  16. Summit (level)Summit
  17. TempleTemple (disambiguation)
  18. Temple (level)Temple

Halo Wars 2

  1. Last StandLast Stand (Halo Wars 2 level)
  2. Make Last Stand a disambiguation page.
  3. Fort JordanFort Jordan (location)
  4. Fort Jordan (level)Fort Jordan

Halo: Fireteam Raven

  1. The RubbleThe Rubble (location)
  2. Rubble (Halo: Fireteam Raven level)Rubble (Rubble page is currently a redirect, but seldom used)

Halo Online

  1. Reactor (Halo Online level)Reactor (Halo Online map)