Rally point (terminology)

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This article is about the military term. For the Halo 3: ODST Firefight map, see Rally Point; for the Spartan Ops mission, see S1/Didact's Hand/Rally Point.

A rally point, more commonly referred to as RP, is a term used by military personnel to tell others where to meet up during a mission. Rally points may also tell soldiers where a new landing zone is, this way soldiers can be extracted from their missions safely.

During the Battle of Mombasa, a rally point was placed on New Mombasa Sector 10 to gather surviving UNSC Marines to protect ONI Alpha Site.

Halo Wars[edit]

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In Halo Wars, a rally point is a flag placed on the map that is used as a point that newly created units go to when they spawn. There are normal rally points, which are plain flags in the ground and serve as points for one base or Elephant, and there are global rally points, which have two flags hanging down on either side of the pole and display the Legendary icon on the front.

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