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Rally Point
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Two Giants", Requiem


Pursue Jul 'Mdama.


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Information from comm network tap has led to the possible location of Jul 'Mdama.

Rally Point is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' fourth episode, Didact's Hand.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is sent to the "Two Giants," where Covenant troops are massing. At the same time, Majestic is sent to another location with a similar goal. Upon landing, Crimson receives word from their handler, Spartan Jared Miller, that Jul 'Mdama is at the waterfront tower. After defeating the Prometheans they find there, Crimson investigates a power reading in the base.

Commander Sarah Palmer is then contacted by Paul DeMarco of Majestic, who reports that the Covenant at their location seem to have vanished. Majestic's Tedra Grant hypothesizes that the Covenant have actually teleported, at that their location as well as Crimson's may be part of a slipspace network. Though the equipment at their location is broken, Majestic sends the coordinates they find to Crimson. Palmer then orders Crimson to check out the other tower. As soon as this order is given, waves of Covenant and Prometheans descend on the canyon. After defeating them, Crimson is able to input the coordinates and activate a slipspace portal at the canyon tower. On Palmer's orders, Crimson enters the portal in hot pursuit of Jul 'Mdama.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson's Pelican flies toward the Two Giants.

  • Miller: "Crimson and Majestic are online, Commander Palmer."
  • Palmer: "Listen up, Spartans. You're both dispatched to locations where Jul 'Mdama is rallying troops. No cute little competitions today. You're on the ground to work."
  • DeMarco: "Just point the way, Commander."

The Pelican lands near the canyon tower.


  • Miller: "Commander, we've got word Jul 'Mdama is at the waterfront tower."
  • Palmer: "Get over there, Crimson! If he's there, this is our chance."
  • Palmer: "Majestic, report."
  • DeMarco: "Nothing terribly exciting here, Commander. Just a few hundred Covies and five little Spartans."
  • Thorne: "We're doing fine, Commander. The Marines are holding their own for once."
  • Miller: "Commander! Energy surge from the waterfront tower!"
  • Palmer: "Cause?"
  • Miller: "Looks like a small slipspace rupture... and it's gone."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, get ready. No telling what 'Mdama's up to in there."

Crimson reaches the waterfront tower and are engaged by numerous Prometheans. Crimson kills most of them.

  • Palmer: "You're not alone down there, Crimson. Here's the last few bad guys."

Markers appear on the last of the Prometheans. Crimson kills them all.

  • Miller: "There's a weird power reading nearby..."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, go have a look."

A waypoint appears inside the base of the tower. The players reach it.

  • DeMarco: "Commander Palmer? This is weird. We had the Covies cornered and-"
  • Palmer: "And now they're gone?"
  • DeMarco: "Yeah. How'd you know?"
  • Palmer: "I'm a mindreader."
  • Miller: "Whatever happened here, it's all offline now."
  • Miller: "Commander Palmer. Majestic says they found something."
  • Palmer: "Go ahead, Majestic."
  • Grant: "Commander, it's Grant. The Covies didn't disappear. I... Commander? I think they teleported. This might be a transit system and Crimson could be at a similar location."
  • Miller: "A transit system would explain the slipspace reading earlier."
  • Grant: "Systems are busted, but there's coordinates left behind. I'll send them to Science Team."

or, if the player has activated the Red vs. Blue Easter egg.

  • Vic: "Hello, hello? Commander Palmer, hello? Do you read me?"
  • Palmer: "What are you even doing?"
  • Vic: "Oh come on, dude. I thought you saved my number at the party last night. You were really killin' it on the karaoke, if you know what I'm sayin' dude."
  • Palmer: "Miller? Status?"
  • Miller: "Working on it, Commander."
  • Vic: "Yeesh, easy there, Commander Buzzkill. Look, I'm going to 80s night tomorrow, so gimme a buzz after you save the universe, and all that. Hasta luego, leugo bye bye."
  • Palmer: "Miller! What's taking so long?"

  • Palmer: "Crimson, I want you to get a look at the canyon tower systems. If they're similar to what's at waterfront, you may be able to follow Jul."

A waypoint appears at the canyon wall. Upon reaching it, Promethean reinforcements appear.

Crimson kills most of the Prometheans.

  • Miller: "Still a few Prometheans to clear out. Setting markers now."


  • Miller: "Take care of those last Prometheans, Crimson."

Markers appear on the last few Prometheans.

A Phantom descends into the canyon.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, Phantom inbound."


  • Palmer: "Phantom headed your way, Spartans."


  • Miller: "Uh-oh! Phantom inbound!"


  • Palmer: "Eyes up! You've got a Phantom coming your way."

The Phantom drops a Wraith and additional Covenant reinforcements.

  • Miller: "Canyon Tower is under attack, Commander. As soon as Crimson started heading that way, the Covies went nuts."
  • Palmer: "Miller, some days I hate being right all the time."

After Crimson kills this first wave a number of Prometheans appear, followed by a second Phantom with more reinforcements and another Wraith. Crimson kills them all.

  • Miller: "Looks like the systems here are still functional."
  • Palmer: "Can you dial in the coordinates Majestic recovered?"
  • Miller: "I think so. Crimson, I'm highlighting what look like the relevant controls."
  • Palmer: "Fire it up, Crimson."

Two waypoints appear on the top of the base. The player activates the switches. A large slipspace portal appears in the air in front of the base.

  • Miller: "Commander! Something's happening!"
  • Palmer: "Use your words, Miller."
  • Miller: "Crimson, this object activated when you entered those coordinates. It's a slipspace rupture, just like I read with 'Mdama's people."
  • Palmer: "They've got portals now. Fantastic. Crimson, get in there, see where it goes. We'll find you on the other end."

The man cannon activates. The player enters it and is flung into the portal. The screen goes white.

  • Palmer: "Where the hell did Crimson go?"
  • Miller: "No idea, Commander. I'm working on it."


Level ends.