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Cairo Station
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Repel Covenant boarders and find the Covenant antimatter charge


Cairo Station

Gameplay overview

Default weapons:

BR55 battle rifle
M6C magnum






Normal Walkthrough[edit]

Part 01: Cairo Station[edit]

Go down the stairs and grab a Battle Rifle (BR) from the weapons locker on the wall. Go down the stairs to join three Marines, Sergeant Johnson, and a Navy Captain with a pistol. Listen to the battle report on the Malta, then run down the stairs, and take cover behind the steel barrier. An alternative to fighting head on is to jump on top of the Communications stations and then onto the balcony above the door. The Covenant are easily dealt with from this position. However, there is another door on the balcony that two Elites will come through during the assault, so keep watch.

Part 02: Home Field Advantage[edit]

The door glows yellow as Grunts slice it open. After the door explodes, Minor Grunts (yellow) and Minor Elites (blue) burst through. Use the SMG to take out the Grunts. Dual-wield a Plasma Pistol with the SMG and use overcharged Plasma Pistol shots to kill the Elites. To overcharge the Plasma Pistol, hold down its fire trigger until it glows brightly and shakes, then release to fire the shot. More Minor Elites show up after a few moments; take them out with the overcharged shots and followup SMG. Note: Marines will help you here, so don't hesitate to allow the Marines to kill them while your shields recharge.

After the second wave, you can run through the door that the Covenant came through. Use your BR to take out the Minor Grunts, and switch to your SMG to tackle the Minor Elites (it only takes about three seconds to kill an Elite with the SMG). Or, turning right, you will see a machine-gunner. You can take over the machine gun and fire at the Elites.

Run up the stairs to the left of the machine gun turret. Once you reach the room at the top, turn right to use another turret and blast at the blue Elite and the Grunt.

Below you, a Marine with an SMG, and a Captain with a Battle Rifle are pinned down behind a barrier. Elites and Grunts will be attacking them. Using the turret, gun down as many Elites and Grunts as you can see, but don't stay in the turret too long, or an Elite will come up behind you. Also, a few enemies will be out of sight and can fire upon you, so leave if the going gets worse. Don't expect your Marines to follow you after this point. Once every target is dead, relinquish the turret, and go through the door. Go down the stairs, mowing down an Elite and a Grunt as you go, then prepare for another Elite on the ground floor.

Once he has fallen at your feet, go through into R01, blasting away any Grunts that you see. Careful, a door to the right will open, and Grunts and an Elite will jump out. When everyone in this room is dead, jump onto the plant containers, then up again back to the tech station. Refill your ammo from the weapons locker there, then go through the door to continue. Up the stairs, then through the door to the hanger. This is where you will first find fragmentation and Plasma grenades.

Rain grenades down on the boarders as they come out of the ship. Don't be frugal, they are everywhere in this room. When the energy shield in front of the ship's door deactivates, use your Battle Rifle, and headshot the Grunts as they fly. Once you have faced several waves of troops, and the Marines start talking about the Malta, go and grab 4 Plasma Grenades, and some ammo for your Rifle. On harder difficulties it is advised to use the Noob Combo.

Presently, a door will blow, and a Lance will storm through. Take out the Elites first if you can with a rain of 9.5mm. When that wave of boarders is dead, storm through the door, and past a failed blockade. There is a lot of ammo here, so remember that. Pull out your Battle Rifle before you get the Checkpoint, and turn into the next Hangar. There are a pair of Grunts bombarding several Marines with Plasma Cannons. Headshot the aliens over the top of their weapon. Crouch and move from cover to cover, killing off the boarders. Watch out for Plasma Grenades and melee attacks.

After you have faced several waves, the Athens will now explode, and doors set into the ground, leading to MAC Storage, will open. Go through the open door at ground level to find a dead Marine with a Rifle and three Frag Grenades.

Toss a grenade down the stairs at the aliens, then storm down with auto fire. Before going through the door at the end of the room, have a plasma grenade at the ready. A Stealth Elite will stride through. Stick him before he can dodge, then turn on your flashlight, and try to stick the other Elite lurking around the other door. Grab some ammo and continue.

Part 03: Priority Shift[edit]

The Master Gunnery Sergeant is trying to hold The Armory against a pair of Elites. Unfortunately, his death is inevitable. However he will drop his Shotgun. Kill the Elites in the Armory, and before you go through, stock up on ammo, and pick up the shotgun. If one of the Elites is an Ultra (this is VERY rare), shoot him a couple of times and walk up to him. He'll pull out his sword. Kill him and take his blade.

Storm through the door, and run across the room to the doorway opposite you. Use your Shotgun to take down the Grunts waiting in there, then get ready for an Elite.
Blast him dead, then take out a Grunt at the controls of a Plasma Turret on the platform adjoining this room. Headshot the Grunt at the turret, and drop the Elite with the Rifle. There is a pair of troublesome Gunner Grunts up on the balcony. Snipe the gunners or if you can stick the turret, that should kill both of the Grunts up there. Across the room, a lance will attack you from a doorway. Kill them off, and then take out the gunner along the corridor.

You should be running low on ammo now, so backtrack to the Armory and load up.
Go up the stairs to get to another tech station.
Across the room, a door will open, and Grunts led by a Major Elite will attack. Try and stick the Elite, pick off the Grunts, then go through the door.
The Sergeant, Miranda Keyes and a pair of Navy Captains are trying to clear a path to their ship. Assist them in that, then get ready as a Lance runs around the corner. Mow them down, backtrack for more ammo, then go through the door.

You may also skip the Lance of enemies, by jumping onto a computer panel to your right when you come out of the door (before meeting Miranda and Johnson), and then crouch jumping onto a platform with a tram. Go past the tram and drop down, finishing the remaining enemies below. Make sure you listen to Johnson. If he says, "Come on Chief, this way!" then you messed up.

Part 04: Authorized Personnel Only[edit]

Time to go for a space-walk! Shortly after the title, a door will open, and a pair of Ranger Elites will attack. Try to stick one with a Plasma Grenade, then mow the other one down.
Jump outside, but be careful of the beckoning edge, unless you want to experience death.
Mow down the pair of Rangers out here, then go through the airlock, back inside.

The Battle Rifle will come in very handy in this part. Get it out, and have a Plasma Grenade ready. As the Admirals discuss space tactics, move towards the edge of the large elevator shaft. A buzzing sound should ring out. When it is three seconds through playing, toss a Plasma Grenade just at the edge of the slope. If you timed it right, a couple of Drones should land on the grenade. Bye-bye bugs! Move backwards, to where a Marine is taking cover behind a barrier.
You may find that an SMG is more efficient against drones, but a battle rifle will do just fine.

Take out the rest of the Drones with Battle Rifle bursts, then jump down the lift railing onto the huge elevator. Press the button to make it descend, and use grenades to take out the Covenant on the platform below you.
Grab some ammo, plus the grenades from the ODST body on the top floor.
Then go through the airlock, and back outside. A pair of ODSTs have fallen here, apparently from a Grunt that dual-wielded Plasma Pistols and had a heap of Plasma Grenades.

Have your Battle Rifle ready, and when the door opens, scope in on the Ranger on the Plasma Cannon. Concentrate your fire on the Elite, and take him out with long-range headshots, then take cover and reload. Kill the other Rangers in this area, then grab some ammo and continue, over the MAC gun's magazine loader. If you are doing Heroic or Legendary, be careful of the Ranger Elite who will fly from over the rooftops.
Go into the airlock. One more room to go!

Part 05: Return to Sender[edit]

Although this part may take down your shields almost immediately, be thankful that it is the end of the level. It is also the shortest "part" of a level to date.

This part of the level starts when you are in the elevator. Once the doors open, hold your breath. This is a big, nasty battle.

When you walk into the room, you will see a large amount of Covenant Minor Elites and Major Elites, along with a variety of Minor and Major Grunts, guarding a big, ugly, blue, spiky bomb. There MAY again be an Ultra here; this is very rare, like in the Armory.

If you still have your shotgun, use it to take down the Elites: shoot, melee. Or if you are a little less brave(or suicidal), you should use your Battle rifle to kill him or at least even up the odds form cover. There will be an Elite who will attack you will dual wielded Needlers (he is a bit like a boss), but you can just shotgun him down. Since it's the end of the level, it's okay to use your ammo on the Grunts, but whacking them is just as easy, and fun. Once all of the Covenant in this room are dead, the cutscene will be triggered. Congratulations!

However, in Legendary, don't charge with your shotgun blazing and your Energy Sword mowing-you'll simply fall under the combined fire of the enemies. Instead, use crate as cover and bomb the enemies with grenades (Plasma works well, though Fragmentation Grenades are preferable). After exhausting your supply, then use your shotgun to pick out the few stragglers.

If you want some extra help with this part of the level, then once you go through the door, take an immediate left. Down the ramp, and left again. Keep walking until you see a Marine standing in a slight doorway. He will thank you for your presence, but he won't follow you into the battle. You can push him up the stairs and into it, though. I find giving him a shotgun works well on easy and normal difficulties. He will make a remark about getting it over with and he will help you take out the Covenant, if he doesn't go back into his hiding spot, which he often does.

If you struggle to kill the Elites, don't blindly spray, take them out one by one.

Heroic Walkthrough[edit]

Part 01: Cairo Station[edit]

As the level starts, proceed down the stairs immediately and grab a Battle Rifle and an SMG. If you are currently wielding the Battle Rifle, switch to the SMG and find another SMG to dual-wield. Don't worry, there are plenty around. Proceed through the door where your fellow Marines are waiting. Hide behind something (anything) that is not facing the door that is about to open. The steel barrier is recommended. However, be warned. Do not, by any means, stay near the door, as it will explode, thus, killing you.

Part 02: Home Field Advantage[edit]

The center of the door will shine bright yellow, and all of a sudden, explode. As soon as it explodes, shoot, no matter if you see enemies or not, because, sooner or later, they will come out. Don't allow your Marines to take them down, as they will die in an instant, with the exception of Sgt. Johnson. There will be a heap of Grunts, followed by one or two Minor Elites. If you run out of ammo, press Y twice, and you will have switched to the Battle Rifle. The Grunts should go down easily enough, though the Elites are a minor prick if you are in Legendary. If so, duck behind the Glass plating and wait for them to go in front of you. There, you can melee them to death.

If you wait for about ten seconds after the death of the first group, another group, consisting of the same amount of Covenant, will come out. However, before they come out, take advantage of the ten seconds. Hide somewhere and reload your weapons (yes, both of them). Use the previous method to destroy the group. If you want, you can swap one of the SMGs that you dual-wielded for a Plasma Rifle (yes, it's the infamous N00b Combo, and yes, it works).

Behind you, two Elites dual-wielding Plasma Rifles will have appeared. Ignore them. Proceed through the door, and turn right. Don't bother going left, it will lead to a locked door, which will be a waste of precious gaming time. Switch to the SMG if you haven't already. Don't worry about dual-wielding, it's not compulsory. As soon as you go right, gun down the two Elites with your Battle Rifle. They pose a threat towards you. Then, switch to the Battle Rifle, then headshot the Grunts. At this point, your Marines will not follow you, no matter what.

Go to the right again, then up the stairs. Follow the doors until you reach a big room, consisting of Cairo Station mechanics, or something or rather.

Below, a Marine with an SMG and a Captain with a Battle Rifle will be pinned down by several types of Grunts and a few Elites, possibly Minor or Major. Focus on the Elites first. The majority of Elites in this room are Major. Jump on the turret, and gun all Elites down, regardless of type. Don't gun the Grunts down, because, by this time, an Elite will melee you from behind, causing death. Also, don't worry about destroying the turret, any Covenant member would rather die than use a Human weapon.

Now, jump down (don't worry, you won't die-no fall damage in Halo 2) and kill all Grunts in the way with either weapon. Swap your SMG for a Plasma Rifle, and find another Plasma Rifle to dual-wield. Follow the pathway, and gun down any Grunts or Elites with your Plasma Rifle. If it overheats, run back and hide.

Go up the stairs and gun down any Elites or Grunts you see. Follow the pathway of green-lit doors. By now, you should be in a large room with a heap of Covenant Elites & Grunts down below. Drop your secondary Plasma Rifle and switch to the Battle Rifle. The Elites and Grunts down below won't see you, so headshot some Elites until they take notice of you. Don't focus on the Grunts...yet. By now, the Elites will have taken notice, and use their quick, continuous fire on you. Quickly, sidestep.

Alas! Grenades! Pick them up, switch to Fragmentation and toss them where the Elites and Grunts are. Don't fret, they're everywhere. When you run out of frag grenades, headshot all the Grunts with your Battle Rifle. Then, jump down, and stick as much Elites as possible. Beware of the quick, accurate, non-overheating and dangerous firing. If you run out of grenades, use your Plasma Rifle to annihilate the rest of them. If need be, you can overcharge the Plasma Pistol to drop the shielding. Be warned about cover in legendary - within 5 seconds, a Major can take you down. By now, you should be out of Grenades, probably in the 40s-60s ammo for your Plasma Rifle and probably with 30-50 spare rounds for your Battle Rifle. Don't fret about the Battle Rifle. Switch your Plasma Rifle for another Plasma Rifle with more battery, and walk over the dead bodies for some Grenades. By now, the door near the Pelican should've opened. Headshot the Grunts with your Battle Rifle and then, use your Plasma Rifle and your Grenades to take out the Major Elites.

Walk through the door, and reload your Battle Rifle. There should be some Battle Rifle ammo nearby. Use the flashlight to guide you. By now, there should be two Marines strafing backwards, trying to shoot some Turret Grunts down. Stand near the door, scope with your Battle Rifle and headshot the Turret Grunts.

Walk in the door and hide behind the silver barrier. Scope in with your Battle Rifle and gun down the Grunts. Don't worry about your Marines, they'll probably die. Throw a Plasma Grenade at an Elite. Don't worry, they're everywhere. By now, there should be some Elites left, with an additional whole bunch of Grunts and Elites coming out of the ship. Again, gun down the Grunts and then stick or headshot the Elites. If the Elites are hiding behind the Steel Barrier, go up to them and kill them with your Plasma Rifle.

Part 03: Priority Shift[edit]

Right now, a Marine will be talking about the Athens exploding. Take advantage of this; step over the dead Covenant bodies to look for Grenades. By now, the door underground will open, with a few Grunts and a hiding Elite. Throw a Fragmentation Grenade in between the Grunts. The Grunts will die, and also, taking down the shields of the hiding Elite. The Elite will be Major or Minor, depending on chance. Still, use the Plasma Rifle to gun the Elite down, and swap your Plasma Rifle for his Plasma Rifle.

Go down the corridor, a Plasma Grenade at the ready. Coming toward the door in your opposite direction is a Stealth Elite. Stick him, then gun him down. Then, go up the stairs to face the death of the Master Gunnery Sergeant. His death cannot be prevented. Wait a few seconds, then go up the stairs and throw a Plasma Grenade at an Elite, then go back down the stairs.

Remember the Stealth Elite we killed? There was another one. He should be somewhere in your room. If he isn't ignore this. If he is, kill him, and swap your Plasma Rifle. Now, go back up, and kill the other Elite. Preferably, stick him. Then, try to find the body of the Master Gunnery Sergeant, as there is a Shotgun nearby. Swap your Plasma Rifle for the Shotgun.

Switch to your Battle Rifle, as there should be a SpecOps Grunt and a Minor Grunt coming out of the room opposite your one. Watch out, as the SpecOps Grunt chucks grenades. Headshot both of them, then hide behind the steel barrier in the room. Headshot the Turret Grunt and the Major Elite. Go to the body of the dead Grunts and pick up the Grenades. Headshot the rest of the Elites and Grunts. Enter the room on the left and kill all the Elites and Grunts with the Shotgun and a couple of Grenades. Go up the stairs. You will enter a room with a couple of Grunts and an Ultra Elite that has an Energy Sword tucked in somewhere for the ready. Kill the Grunts, then go back for your health to recharge. The continuous accurate firing from the Ultra Elite would have easily overwhelmed your shield. Try to set a Checkpoint in case this Elite kills you. Headshot the Ultra Elite twice, then go up close with your Shotgun. I assume you want the Energy Sword, right? Go up close to the Ultra and them melee him a couple of times with your Shotgun. By now, your shields might have nearly been gone. The Ultra Elite should be taking out his Energy Sword. Shoot him with the Shotgun, and he'll die. Swap your Battle Rifle for the Shotgun. You might also want to take the Energy Sword (yes, you can do that in Halo 2), as it will prove to be the most efficient and ruthless Elite-killer. Go into the room. You'll have a few allies with you fighting a Lance. Slice your enemies down, and go forward. Another Lance will be there. Slice them down.

Part 04: Authorized Personnel Only[edit]

There will be two Ranger Elites. Stick one of them, and shoot the other down with your Shotgun. Jump down; don't fret; you won't die. There will be another Ranger Elite flying above you. Do not kill him unless you are experienced. Go through the door. There should be a body of a dead ODST trooper. Swap your Shotgun for the Battle Rifle.

Do you hear the buzzing sound? That's the sound of Drones. They will be wielding Plasma Pistols in this level. Kill them with your Battle Rifle. Just make sure you are hiding behind the steel barrier. Now, go back, and swap your Battle Rifle back for the Shotgun. Go down the ramp. There should be several Elites and Grunts. Shotgun them down. Don't use your Energy Sword... yet.

Then, press X on the hand switch. You should be going down. Then, you will see the bodies of a Grunt and two dead ODST troopers. Swap the Shotgun for the Battle Rifle again. There will be several Ranger Elites. Headshot the one in the turret down first, then kill the rest. Backtrack, and swap your Battle Rifle for the Shotgun again. Go to the door. One more room to go!

Part 05: Return to Sender[edit]

This will take down your shields immediately, possibly even killing you. If it does, be wary, as next time, you'll know how to take cover. Shotgun the Elites first, but leave the Ultra Elite. Use your trusty Energy Sword to destroy the Ultra Elite. It may take 2-3 lunges. Take care of the rest of the Grunts with your Shotgun. If it runs out of ammo, swap for the Plasma Rifle and, proceed on killing them. Congratulations, you have beaten the first playable level of Halo 2 on Heroic! Alternatively, you can spam grenades to decimate the group, and then use the Sword to decimate the survivors.

Speed Run Walkthrough[edit]

Note: This walkthrough requires correct Grenade Jumping, precision in everything, and speed. This walkthrough is based on Cody Miller's 10:19 Legendary run at High Speed Halo. Certain portions detailed here may only take place on Legendary and alternate methods, not detailed here, will be necessary in such events.

Go down the stairs and pick up the SMG and Battle Rifle (BR). With the SMG in hand, head into the next room and dual-wield a Magnum or SMG from the stockpile. Leap over the railing in the Recreation area. Jump on the Communications box and onto the higher level above the door everyone is gathered around.

When the first wave of Covenant break through the door, drop down, and run straight through behind them without engaging. Once through, take out the Covenant in the adjoining room. Swap out your SMG for a Plasma Pistol (PP). Continue on to the next area while readying your PP by overcharging it. A checkpoint will occur while passing through to the next room.

Jump down to the Elite in the lower area and fire the overcharged PP at him as you fall, following up with a few Magnum shots for the kill. Deal with the next Elite the same way, then head to the room in the rightmost corner, overcharging between areas. Release the PP shot on the Elite there and kill him with the Magnum, then switch to the BR and kill the Grunts. Use the scope to snipe out the Grunts in the room across, then charge up and release a PP shot on the Elite there. Let him have the Battle Rifle rounds and swap a near-dead PP for a fresh one on the floor. Head up the stairway while reloading the BR. A checkpoint will occur on the stairs.

Overcharge the PP and enter the next room. Contribute the charged shot to the already besieged Elite to take him down, then bring out the BR to take care of the stragglers. Snipe out the Grunts as they leave the boarding craft and use overcharged PP shots to bring down the Elites. After two more waves, drop to the lower level and grab a fresh PP. Kill the Grunts in the fourth and last wave, then approach the Elite. Wait for him to take out his Energy Sword, then kill him and take the Sword in place of a PP. Collect any available Plasma Grenades (PGs), return to the upper floor, and get to the platform with the turrets, collecting more PGs on the way. Then drop down on the right side of the room. The game waits for the Malta Station animation. Without a check point, the door opposite the window will blow. Feed the Covenant a PG, then hide behind the crate. Go around the crate and kill the Minor and Major Elite with Sword Lunges, then head into the room they came in from. A checkpoint is given while passing through the doorway.

Snipe out the Grunts on the catwalk, then feed the Covenant at the other end of the room two Frag Grenades. Take the path to the right to sneak up on a Major Elite and stab him, then swing around and past the crates to kill another Major. Go back to where the first Major was and go to the right of the crate. Stick the Major there with a PG, then go back behind the crate and to the left to wipe out another. Go behind and to the right and stick the next Major that drops in, then hide again and pop out to the left to finish a Minor. Drop the Energy Sword, which is now most likely low on charge, for a PP. Kill a few remnant Grunts, then treat the Elite coming out to an overcharged PP. Hide, then use overcharge shots combined with BR bursts to neutralize the two Sword-wielding SpecOps Elites. Grab any available grenades, then once again swap out the PP for a Sword. Watch the Athens Station animation, then head down the stairs. As the door opens, stick the waiting Major, then retreat and snipe out the Grunts. Throw another PG at the next Major that appears, then Sword Lunge him to death. Deal with the final Grunt. Checkpoint!

Approach the door at the end and Sword Lunge the approaching Minor. Head into the lower level of the Armory and find the Infiltrator there. Make him greet your little pointy friend, then head up the stairs. Another checkpoint at the top.

Throw two PGs at the Elite duo waiting by the door, then Sword Lunge them into the afterlife. You get a checkpoint as you get behind the little barrier-thing.

After the unnamed Master Gunnery Sergeant dies, switch your sword for his shotgun; it'll come in handy. Jump on top of the crate in the next room, then to the higher floor. Travel along the path and snipe out the turret-manning Grunt, then jump over to the room he once occupied. Go through the series of doors and get a checkpoint as you enter the next room.

Help Miranda and Sarge with their little Covenant problem and head on into the next area. As "Authorized Personnel Only" starts, throw two PGs at the approaching Ranger Elites and finish off with shotgun blasts. Now drop down. Whirl around and jump on top of the red storage-thing. Get to the edge nearest to the place you came out of and throw a PG so that it stops bouncing at the edge of the storage-thing, using it to Grenade Jump onto the top of the indoor area. Shotgun the Ranger waiting there, then head to the end of the roof. Grenade Jump up to the higher area and follow the edge to the place above the door to the next area. Drop down, ignoring the Ranger if he's still there, and go in. Reload your BR over the dead Helljumper. You should get a checkpoint here.

Head into the next area, and pick up spare Frag Grenades while you're at it. Throw two Frag Grenades at the approaching Drones and finish off any that survived the detonations, then go under the staircase to the right and drop down onto the elevator. You will get a checkpoint as the formerly-closed door opens to admit more Covenant.

Quickly throw your last Frag Grenade into the door as it opens, then switch to your shotgun. Turn around and kill any Drones that may have followed you down, then swap the shotgun for a PP and hide behind the crate.

Use an overcharge shot and a BR burst to kill the Major visible from the left of the crate, then go around it and to the right of the crate further in front while overcharging. Use the same tactic to drop the second Major. Now start the elevator. Once the elevator reaches the room the Covenant came in front, swap out your current PP for one with more charge. As the door in front of you opens, you will get a checkpoint.

Use the overcharge and the BR, as well as hiding at appropriate moments, to eradicate the three Rangers that appear to greet you. Continue down the path, ignoring whatever remnants of opposition remain, and head into the next elevator. You get a checkpoint as "Return to Sender" starts.

Immediately head to the left side of the room. Stick the first Major you see. Rub out the life of the Minor that tries rather unsuccessfully to backstab you with an overcharge and a BR burst. Stick the two Majors waiting on the other side of the crate with PGs. Let them blow, then use an overcharged PP shot and sniped bursts from the BR to kill the Needler-wielding Major at the other end of the room. Get out from behind your crate and go to the left of the one in front, using your overcharged PP and BR bursts to kill the last Major.

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