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Easy Walkthrough[edit]

Part 01: They'll Regret That Too[edit]

You'll start off with the SMG and the Battle Rifle. Switch to your SMG, then wait for Sergeant Johnson to get off the crashed Pelican. Swap your SMG for his Sniper Rifle. Now, switch back to your Battle Rifle and enter the doorway. There should be a Minor Grunt. Shoot him in the head with your Battle Rifle or melee him, and continue through the next doorway.

This doorway will lead you into the Courtyard. You'll see a few Jackals and a few Grunts. Take them out with a mixture of Fragmentation Grenades and Battle Rifle bursts. Continue into the room opposite from where you came from. Again, there should be a few Grunts and an Elite. The Elite will be Minor or Major, depending on chance. No fret, they are no threat on Easy. Take them all down with your Battle Rifle.

Continue up the stairs. They will lead you onto the middle level of the building. To your left, there will be the corpse of a fellow dead Marine, who had a lot of ammo with him. Strafe around the body to search for some Battle Rifle ammo. There will also be Sniper Rifle ammo as well. To your right, there should be a Major or Minor Elite, again, depending on chance. The Elite will be on the roof of one of the buildings. Switch to your Sniper Rifle and shoot him in the head. One headshot for a Minor Elite, two for a Major Elite.

Now, jump off the building, and you'll see a Lance of Elites and Grunts. Take them down with your Battle Rifle. After that is done, more Grunts will come out. Again, take them out with Grenade and your Battle Rifle. By now, your Battle Rifle would have lost quite a bit of ammo. Reload both your weapons (the Sniper Rifle and the Battle Rifle) and strafe to the left of the turret. There should be some Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle and SMG ammo, however, we don't need the SMG ammo.

Some Jackals and a Minor Elite will appear out of the crashed Pelican site. Take them out with some Plasma Grenades and Battle Rifle bursts and melees. Swap your Battle Rifle for the dead Elites Plasma Rifle. Don't worry about zooming, we got the Sniper Rifle for that, and there is plenty of Sniper Rifle ammo in this level.

Afterwards, a small swarm of Drones will fly over. Use your Plasma Rifle to take care of that. Or for an even quicker and effective kill, use the Machine Gun Turret on the middle level of the building where you got a majority of your ammo from. But Be careful, the turret may not be able to turn all the way to face a few stragglers. Chances are your marines will get them. If not, hop out get it done yourself.

After the Drones are dead, a Phantom will appear. Hop onto the Machine Gun and shoot down its turrets. Then, kill the enemies that just dropped down with some Plasma Rifle bursts and some Sniper Rifle bullets if you wish to snipe. However, if you want to Snipe, it is recommended that you go to the upper level of the building.

Once they are all destroyed, another group of Jackals and an Elite will come down. Take the Elite down with your Sniper. The Elite may be a Minor or a Major this time, also depending on your chance. To kill the Jackals, use a mixture of Plasma Rifle bursts and fragmentation grenades. Swap your current Plasma Rifle for the dead Elite's Plasma Rifle.

Now, get back on the Machine Gun Turret, as two Hunters are about to burst out of a door opposite of you. As soon as the door opens, shoot for your life. The Hunters should walk a few meters out, then collapse dead, if you shoot correctly. Don't worry about aiming for the fleshy orange part, for some reason, this Machine Gun will kill a Hunter quickly, no matter where you shoot at him. This may not work for both Hunters when playing on legendary. Another way to kill the hunters is if you still have ammo on your sniper, be ready on the building waiting for the hunters to come out. You can then shoot them in their flesh. This is highly effective. If you kill one of the hunters you may have a problem removing the other as it might immediately hide under the platform which you are on. So you may need to go down to remove it.

Alternatively, if you wish to practice your marksmanship, you can use the Sniper Rifle to kill them both as they stroll out of the wrecked door. This is very easy as they aren't in their protective combat stance yet as they are coming out, but if you don't land a solid hit on their orange bellies, your chance is gone, they will crouch and shield themselves, and they will be much harder to engage from that point on. If you do this correctly, you probably will kill both of them before Cortana can even acknowledge their presence.

Enter the door from where the Hunters came from and follow the pathway. Opposite you should be some Jackals and a Jackal Sniper above the Jackals. Zoom in with your Sniper Rifle and kill the Jackal Sniper. If the Jackal Sniper hits you 2-3 times, you're a goner, so, we should focus on him first.

Then, go to the other side and kill the shielded Jackals with your Plasma Rifle. Then, backtrack. You'll need more Sniper Rifle ammo. Jump on the boxes opposite from where you are fighting the Jackals; also, where you came from. Jump up again, and there will be the body of dead Marines and dead Grunts. Strafe over the bodies to find some Sniper Rifle ammo. Then, go back to where the Jackals are. By now, Sergeant Johnson would have left on his Pelican. Follow the pathway down, and it'll lead you into Sniper Alley. There are a load of Jackals and Drones here.

Kill all the Jackal Snipers with your Sniper Rifle, (if you need more sniper ammo go to the dead Jackal Sniper and take it's beam rifle) then take down the Drones and Jackals with your Plasma Rifle. Then, go ahead and follow your Marines into a pathway. A Sniper Jackal should come out. Stick it with a Plasma Grenade or snipe it. Take down all enemies here, there should be a few Jackal Snipers, few Grunts and a few Elites. Swap your Plasma Rifle for the dead Elites Plasma Rifle, as it should be running low on ammo by now. If you are playing on a harder difficulty such as Heroic or Legendary, try to be careful,as there are also hidden Jackals in the ruined buildings and on the rooftops. There will also be two Elites of higher ranks, one carries a sword and the other is invisible.

Once you're done, either go left or right to confront some Grunts & Elites in Hotel Zanzibar. Kill the Elite as he poses more of a threat with his turret, then kill the Grunts, who would all be Minor or Major.

Go inside the Hotel. An Elite will be shooting Plasma bursts at the wall. Throw a Fragmentation Grenade and use your Plasma Rifle to kill the rest of them. Swap your Plasma Rifle for the Plasma Rifle that used to belong to the dead Elite.

By now, a Phantom would be arriving. Take cover to hide from the turret bursts. Then, using your Sniper, take down all the enemies that come from the Phantom. Then, jump down and take the Warthog driver seat, or alternatively, hijack a Ghost that will attempt an attack on the Warthog. If the Ghost is destroyed before you can get to it, there is one by the crashed Pelican, guarded by an Elite and two Jackals.

Part 02: A Day At The Beach[edit]

Just destroy all your enemies until you reach the tunnel. There is a hidden Marine, Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher in this part. On the top of the building after a Phantom drops several Ghosts for the first time, there will be a lone Marine, Sniper Rifle ammo and a Rocket Launcher. Just take any, as we'll be spending the remainder of this level in a Ghost.

Kill the rest of your enemies and then go inside the tunnel. Dispatch all enemies, including Jackals, Grunts, Elites, and Drones. The Shadows will come up soon.

Part 03: Speed Zone Ahead[edit]

To destroy the Shadows, use continuous fire with the Ghost. It will be easier to boost up to the driver and shoot directly a him. If you are in a Warthog, don't bother even trying to kill it, as it will take a long time. You can use your Rocket Launcher to destroy the Shadows if you wish.

The last battle consists of fighting Ghosts, Shadows, Grunts and all kinds of turrets. Just destroy them with your Ghost, and proceed through the tunnel to finish the level.

Congratulations, you have finished Outskirts, the second level of Halo 2 on Easy! You still got a long way to go...

Normal Walkthrough[edit]

Starting Weapons: M7 Caseless Submachine Gun
BR55 Battle Rifle

Part 01: They’ll Regret That Too[edit]

You begin this mission by waking up to Cortana’s voice. Once you can move, follow Sergeant Johnson’s advice and secure the crash site. You can swap your BR55 Battle Rifle or M7 Caseless Submachine Gun for Sergeant Johnson’s S2 AM Sniper Rifle if you wish. Note however that he is immortal and always has infinite ammo. Whatever you do, head for the doorway next.It is suggested that you take the sniper as you need it when you are the in the alley for later(and of course now).

As you leave the landing zone, a single Grunt will approach you, whack him before he can alert his friends near the building on the other side of the courtyard. As you charge across the courtyard you will see a small group of Grunts and Jackals. Take them out with a quick grenade and some rifle shots.

You can jump onto the truck to your right to get to the upper level of the building. There's an Elite and some Grunts in the atrium of the ruin. Flank them while your Marines distract them. You might want to check out the ammo supply by the steps in the western part of the building.

After you've defeated the local Covenant force, you'll get a new Mission Objective. You need to defend the building from attacks until the Pelican arrives. Pay attention to Johnson's audio cues in the next part as they'll help you target and dispatch foes quickly and effectively.

  • “Here they come. Up high!”

An Elite appears on the roof of the building on the other side of the street. The rest come through the two smaller lanes under it. (On higher difficulty levels, Jackal snipers appear as well and can kill you with one shot.)

  • “More on the Street. Left Side.”

A Lance of Grunts and Elites will come around the corner of a building further up the street.

  • “New Contact.” or “Across the Street, down low.”

Grunts and Elites will emerge from the two small alleys.

  • “We got Jackals in the Courtyard!”

Jackals and at least one Elite will appear in alleyway leading from the crash site to the courtyard. A well aimed grenade should do the trick. You can also use the machine-gun mounted on the second floor.

“Buggers, heading in over the rooftops”

A swarm of Drones will fly in over the buildings. The machine-gun works wonders here,you can also use the machine gun turret as then you don't have to waste your machine gun bullets.

After several waves, an enemy Phantom will make an appearance. Take cover inside to evade its fire. (Or destroy the guns with your machine-gun.) After it's done deploying troops, greet them with grenades. Take care of the last patrol, wandering into the courtyard through the alleyway leading to the crash site, and a Pelican should appear.

The pilot will tell you the courtyard's too small and announces its intention to land on the other side of the buildings. After the Pelican flies away two Hunters will break through the metal gates. The easiest way of disposing them would be the machine-gun. Do note that it's now much harder to kill a Hunter by shooting its back than it was in Halo: CE. If you go for the machine-gun, take cover when the Hunter's weapons start to glow.

If you want, you can use/abuse Johnson's invincibility and force him over the edge; he'll then take out the Hunters, as he can't die. It is often entertaining to give him a Plasma Pistol and watch him take down the Hunters.

On the other side of the designated landing zone, Jackals await - and they have a sniper among their numbers. you'll find a welcome ammo supply in a niche and you'll discover a handy Sniper Rifle on the level above it. just jump on the boxes to reach it. You can take the jackals out with some grenades but your first priority should always be the sniper. Never underestimate them as not even the Master Chief can survive two well-aimed shots from a Type-50 particle beam rifle.

At this point a Pelican picks up Sergeant Johnson, looks like you're on your own again.

The so-called "Sniper Alley" lies behind the next corner, and you'll soon appreciate the aptness of its name. Peer carefully around the corner and shoot the Jackal in the middle of the road. The Sniper Rifle would do well here in taking out the Jackals down the end of the road as well as those on the rooftops. There's an explosive barrel midway which, if blown up, helps greatly. In total there are six snipers; the one in the middle of the road, two in the ruins at the end of the street, one in the middle near the barrel and the remaining two can be found on the rooftops on either side of the alley. Be prepared to deal with a swarm of Drones as you move further down the alley. On higher difficulty levels (e.g. Heroic and Legendary), to make matters worse, there's a Stealth Elite wandering around as well. Be careful and take it slow. If you feel like being surrounded, take cover and let your shields recharge. Unless you're playing on Legendary this part shouldn't be such a problem, provided you always take out the snipers first.

To the left, you'll find a new alley with even more Jackals as well as two more Snipers. One of them at the back of the alley and one in the small overpass. Make sure to deal with them. A small alley that branches off to the left will lead you to an ammo cache with a Jackal sniper. If you continue down the alley you'll be greeted by a three different groups of Grunts, each led by an Elite. Dispatch of them as you see fit and watch out for the Jackal sniper on the rooftop to the left. It is advised that you use a Beam Rifle of your own. If you hit an Elite with a near-fatal hit, do not retreat or switch weapons to conserve ammo; Beam Rifles are discarded everywhere.

Once you're done, you can either go around the building, left or right, or you can jump on top of the green crate and jump from there on the roof to your right. There's a hole you can slip through. You'll emerge behind two Grunts. Whack them in the back and use your elevated position to slaughter the nasty aliens that threaten your Marine allies.

Head towards the back of the hotel. There will be a small fire fight between a group of Grunts being lead by an Elite. Usually the Elite is a Major. But occasionally it will be an Ultra, if it is it will be using a plasma turret. DON"T melee it in the back. It will pull out an sword and kill you if you do. After the loading message is done, throw a grenade towards the exit. You should be able to hit a group consisting of some Grunts and two Elites. Paste the walls with whoever escaped the blast. Once they're out of the way a Phantom will come to drop off reinforcements. If you still have your sniper rifle you can take out the enemy tangos from afar. If not, deal with them however you see fit.

After you've sent them to wherever aliens go in the afterlife, a Warthog will pull up nearby. Take whatever position you like. Or alternatively, hijack one of the Ghosts pursuing the Hog.

Part 02: A Day at the Beach.[edit]

(Note: You don't actually have to do this next part. If you want you can just get a Ghost or Hog, pedal to the metal and drive all the way to the highway tunnel. Theoretically you don't have to kill a single opponent after the Hunters to finish the level successfully. This is referred to as the "Path of Shame", as opposed to the "Path of Valor" that you follow by achieving every specified objective.)

Whatever you choose, head out to the beach when you're done. You'll notice a crashed Pelican to your right. Sometimes it'll be guarded by some Covenant while on other occasions there won't be an enemy in sight. From here you, drive down the beach past the first ramp. If you still have some sniper ammo left you can take out the snipers past the ramp. If not, drive in and let your passengers take care of them. You have to clear all enemies around the huge AA gun on the beach. After the first gun you'll find yourself breaking through a barrier, only to end up on another beach, with yet another gun.

Repeat and cleanse the area of hostiles. Once you're on the beach itself and have destroyed most of the occupying force, a Phantom will come help out your besieged enemies. He'll drop off a couple of Ghosts as well as provide covering fire with its own guns. After a while he'll fly away to the next beach and the next objective.

Once done, clear the ramp and you'll end up on the last beach before you get to the tunnel. Ghosts are hammering you Marine buddies while the Phantom once again provides covering fire. On top of the little building to your immediate left, you'll find not only a Sniper Rifle, but also a brand new Rocket Launcher for your use.

Dispatch of the Ghosts and the Phantom's guns. You can use your Sniper Rifle to take out the Jackal Sniper in the floating watchtower. Be wary of the Elites dropping in. Occasionally they'll try and attack you in the back by getting up on the roof. After you've annihilated them, you're free to walk towards the tunnel. Or so you thought. Once more Elites drop in to prevent you from doing so. And instantaneously Ghosts will appear as if from nowhere. Your Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher should suffice.

The tunnel is very long and a Ghost or Warthog (Ii is suggested to take a Warthog as the machine gun is far better, plus you have somebody for company). Follow it until you reach the exit, occasionally driving into a parallel tunnel. The Covenant have constructed makeshift barricades, which you can either destroy or simply drive right past. Be wary of Drones hijacking your vehicle. They can't force you out but will inflict some serious damage(All they will do is perch themselves on the front[And sometimes back] of your ghost, and hit the crap out of you). At a certain point you'll encounter a convoy of three Shadows. Destroy them,the easiest way to destroy the Shadows are to go up to them,right in the face(so their plasma gun can't fire at you because of the angle)and let your gunner do all the rest(the Shadow also has a ghost attached to it). In the last hall before the end of the tunnel the Covenant have set-up the most challenging barricade of all, but it shouldn't be a real problem. A couple of Ghosts, a Shadow, and two stationary turrets will make a last attempt to stop you. Convince them otherwise, or simply drive past the Shadow and finish the level.

Legendary Walkthrough[edit]

Part 01: They'll Regret That Too[edit]

After you leave the crash site, advance quickly to the large building. Don't take Johnson's sniper rifle; you will not need it yet. Go to the second floor and fight off the waves of enemies. Keep an eye on the rooftops or you will be sniped. Swap your SMG for a Plasma Pistol as soon as possible—use the Noob Combo on the Elites and (if you wish) the shielded Jackals. But for the latter, stick-flicking is preferable. When you encounter the Drones, use your Battle Rifle—nothing else is particularly effective. To kill the Hunters, take Johnson's rifle. Stick the Hunters with Plasma Grenades. Unlike in the first Halo game, this will cause them to turn around and retreat, giving you a straight shot at its weak spot.

Alternatively, in the first hallway, crouch-jump to the light fixture, then again to the roof area where you find the Blind Skull. But don't grab it; instead, circle around sharply to the left and jump across. Turn right and grenade jump to the ledge above you. Turn left and jump to the lower roof. Behind the roof and to the right, you can jump to a higher roof (unless you want to skip the whole section). Jump to the balcony of the building to the left, cross the beam, and grenade jump to the roof of the black building. This is the best sniper spot for this section. If you want to pursue this option, take Johnson's rifle in exchange for your SMG from the start. Remember: keep an eye everywhere for snipers. Known snipers:

  • Rooftop with Blind Skull
  • Roof of tallest building adjacent to courtyard
  • Balcony to your left (from tall black building)
  • All of the roofs below you (they are interconnected)

It's nearly impossible to kill Hunters from above, so you will have to drop back down. But from your height, you will have to jump in stages or you will die.

After the Hunters are toast, advance to the point where Johnson leaves. Continue, but after the next right turn, be wary of snipers. There are 22 of them in the next section. Snipe the immediate threats:

  • 40 meters ahead, patrolling.
  • Three of them in the destroyed building at the far end.
  • On the roof to the right of the area with the methane tanks.
  • Two on the roofs to the left.

After they are down, go back and stock up on sniper ammo. The Elites are too much of a threat on the ground with snipers around, so jump to the rooftops. To do this, go to the area with the methane tanks, face left (looking from where you came) along the leftmost edge of the ledge. Crouch-jump to the awning, then to the beam. Crouch under the higher awning, then jump to the next awning, then the roof. Hotel Zanzibar is in the direction you faced when you first jumped from the ground. Jump across the alleyway, then jump past the covered bridge and turn around. Kill the sniper with a Battle Rifle (sometimes you will see him spawn), then continue to the ramp. To the left-forward, low, another sniper will appear. Kill him (again with a Battle Rifle) then drop down to the one-story building with the damaged roof. Assassinate the three Grunts, then enter Hotel Zanzibar.

The hallway is dark, but it isn't too bad. Be ready for an Ultra Elite and several Grunts. Continue outside and kill any Covenant in the area. Take cover from the Phantom's cannons, then deal with the infantry. Go to the bridge and look right. Destroy the Ghosts. Once they're scrap, get in the Warthog.

Part 02: A Day at the Beach[edit]

Drive around to the AA battery. First snipe the Jackal, then kill the Elites with your sniper or the LAAG. Don't try to splatter. Drive around the bend, then kill everyone in the structure ahead of you. There is an Ultra and a few Ghosts, as well as a Phantom. Go to the structure that the Marines are using as a hold-out and swap your Battle Rifle for a Rocket Launcher. Snipe the enemies, including the Jackal on the tower that is 200 meters away. If you see a Ghost, scrap it with a tracking rocket. Beware of orbital insertion pods and additional Ghosts, then continue to the tunnel.

Speed Zone Ahead[edit]

Take a Ghost or a Warthog (It is recommended to take the Warthog because the Marine on the LAAG provides some firepower) and drive past the Covenant barricades. Alternatively, you can stop about 60 meters from them and drive back and forth perpendicular to the tunnel while the LAAG does the killing work. As much as you may like the “flying Warthog,” avoid driving off a high ramp. Your flight will be uncontrolled and your Warthog will take damage when it lands. When you reach the convoy of Ruwaa-pattern Shadows, drive past them (or kill the drivers and gunners), then drive past the Shades and Ghosts. This will require you to drive under the parked Shadow. Continue through the tunnel to end the level.

Speed Run Walkthrough[edit]

Note: This walkthrough require correct Grenade Jumping, precision in everything and...speed. This walkthrough is based on the current fastest Speed Run at High Speed Halo, Fully_Synthetic and Chad's 4:43 Legendary Co-Op run, with a bit of minor editing as I personally deem fit to allow for Single-Player use. It may be altered when faster runs emerge on the web.

Start moving towards the doorway. Jump onto the lamp in front, then onto the awning to the left. Turn back towards the hole you jumped up from and jump towards the pathway there. Throw a Frag Grenade as you fall and immediately jump again as you land so that you make use of the grenade's force in a Grenade Jump. Jump across the chasm to the building opposite. Throw a Frag Grenade at the wall of the building as you reach the top of the small slope and turn towards the building to the left, jumping as you reach the edge. Follow the path and jump down to the next area, then jump onto the pointed roof, then over the parapet. Follow the path in a straight line over to the next building, jumping as necessary. Throw a Frag Grenade shortly before you reach the small parapet and jump as you hit the parapet, letting the grenade blow you onto the next building. Continue walking in a straight line until you see the sign for Hotel Zanzibar. Jump over the gap between the building you are currently on and the next one, then head for the hotel and drop down. Go in and throw your currently last Frag Grenade at the Covenant in the hall, then hide to the left. Rush out and charge past the survivors, heading down to the beach. If you've been going fast enough, you should hear Miranda say "Sergeant, I need you on that bird" as you near a parked van. Find the crashed Pelican and the Ghost near it, then board it. "A Day At The Beach" will appear as you do so, as will a checkpoint.

Boost the Ghost past all resistance and head into the highway tunnel. You will get a checkpoint as you near the first turn. Once "Speed Zone Ahead" appears, get out of the Ghost and commandeer the Warthog that appears. Charge past the resistance. You will get a checkpoint as you pass the first group of Covenant, then a second near the little ramp.

Single-Player Speed Run Walkthrough[edit]

Note: The Sputnik skull is required for this run. This works on all difficulties.

Epeu - This level is one of the easiest and quickest levels to speed run. Have fun!

When the level starts, turn slightly right and head for the fiery, dirt area. Once you enter it, turn left and grenade jump onto the ledge. Turn right and jump onto the next building. Throw a grenade where the next building begins and jump. The grenade will propel you up onto the building. Turn slightly left and jump onto the gray square with the empty middle. Jump onto the bridge, and grenade jump onto the next building. Jump down to Hotel Zanzibar, and avoid the Major Elite with the Plasma Cannon. Proceed down the hall in the hotel and throw a grenade when you reach the end. Use your SMG to take out what the grenade didn't.

A Phantom should drop an Elite or two and a few Grunts onto the far end of the bridge. I recommend switching to your BR and sniping them out, although you could go in and whack them all. If you want to make a no-shot speed-run, you could just whack everybody where I told you to use the SMG, and whack everybody that the Phantom drops. After they're all gone, a Warthog will drive down the road under you. Jump down and get into the driver's seat. Let the other Marine get into the Passenger's seat, and A Day at the Beach should begin. Avoid the crashed Pelican and ride over the "bridge". Avoid the large messy battle and turn left at the end of the beach. Don't mind the Grunt and Elites waiting for you there. Turn down the hall and avoid the next large messy battle by driving across the beach and over the next "bridge".

Avoid the last large messy battle and turn left to enter the tunnel (the next part will begin here). Turn right and zoom through the tunnels, making the appropriate turns. The Shadows will make no big threat to you even on Legendary as long as you just drive past them.

At the end of this part, just drive up the ramp and you're done.

Belgariad - Before going into the tunnels I suggest stopping at the building that the marines are defending and pick up the rocket launcher, then give it to your passenger in the warthog. this is helpful on legendary because he can take out a few enemies with one Rocket so you can pass without being killed.

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