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H5G - Summit 1.jpg
Map overview


Halo 5: Guardians


Stormbreak, Kamchatka[1]


UNSC bases, snow

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Warzone Assault

The half-real spaces at the heart of Kamchatka slowly turn over the long march of eons, bent towards great works devised by long-dead dreamers.[1]

Summit is a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer map for the Warzone Assault gametype. It is a variant of March on Stormbreak.


Summit is a map variant oriented for the Warzone Assault gametype, thus its size has been diminished and the map focuses on fast-paced action. There are no AIs in this mode, save for UNSC Marines who help in the defense of the three bases.

The attacking team start on the Cargo Dock (where Capatin Wamik and the Wraith Officer were supposed to appear in Warzone) and have to capture the Fortress. They can assault its front entrance—the Fortress Deck—though it is usually heavily guarded by the defending team. Instead it is recommended for the attackers to flank the base, either from the left or the right Fortress Balcony. On the right side, an accelerator pad can be used to launch players to the Sidewalk. It is also possible to circumvent the Fortress through the Tunnel and the Outpost, though it only enables players to go from the left to the right, as there is no rear entrance. Once firmly grounded inside the Fortress, the attackers must hold the garage and fend off the defenders trying to take back the area. If time runs out, the defenders win. However, if the attackers do manage to capture the Fortress, then the timer is reset and the second objective is set.[1]

The second objective is to capture the Armory (Eastern Armory in mainstream Warzone). It is recommended to flank the location by the right through the Sidewalk. As assaulting the Armory groundside is dangerous, attackers should also try clambering on top of the Supply Yard's crates in order to gain access to the base's Roof. On the defenders' side, players should divide themselves into protectors (on the Armory's Roof or on the Supply Yard) and reconnaissance units (to maintain chokepoints close to the Fortress). The goal is to pin down the enemy as long as possible. The defending team can also make use of Ghosts or Warthogs. Once again, if the attackers manage to take over the Armory, the defenders have to fall back to their last base.[1]

The last objective is the Core in Home Base. Both teams should rely on either light or heavy vehicles in order to push against enemy lines. They should also prefer mid-range weapons. It is urgent for the defenders to maitain control over the Base Gates. On the attackers' side, only a handful of Spartans are expected to enter the Core's room—when the base's defenses have been crushed enough. The rest of the team should rely on heavy vehicles to crush all types of defenses. If the attackers ever manage to attain the Core, they should favor automatic or heavy weapons. If the Core is destroyed, then the attacking team win the match. On the opposite, the defending team win if they protect their Core until time runs out.[1]


First Base[edit]

H5 WZA Summit first base.PNG

Second Base[edit]

H5 WZA Summit second base.PNG

Third Base[edit]

H5 WZA Summit third base.PNG



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