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The Cage
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Map overview


Halo: Reach


Forge World


Forerunner structures, cliffside

Gameplay overview

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This article is about the multiplayer map. For the conference room on UNSC Point of No Return known as The Cage, see Odin's Eye.
Analysis reveals that this structure once accommodated a wide variety of sentient species. To what end remains unknown.[1]

The Cage is an asymmetrical map built into the Lagoon area of Forge World. It is reminiscent of Lockout from Halo 2 and Blackout from Halo 3, but retains its own unique layout. It is roughly the same scale as Lockout and is built around an open center, but features longer sight lines and paths that are strictly one way.

During development, the inclusion of a Lockout remake, named Blockout, was scrapped when its appearance was removed from campaign.[2] Basic elements from the remake, complemented by pre-Lockout concepts, were then translated into Forge World, with Chris Carney constructing an early version of The Cage after a week of design done on paper.[3] The name "The Cage" pay homage to Lockout as it was the original name for the latter when it was in development for Halo: Combat Evolved.[4]


Note: These names are unofficial and are being used as a map directory.

Man Cannon Deck: This area of the map holds the man cannon and is the place that holds the sniper spawn. The Cannon launches you up to a platform near Death's Turn and a ramp leading to the Bellow Deck.

Death's Turn: Be careful when using the evade move on this turn. If you execute a roll on one of the two ramps leading to this turn, you will most likely get thrown off. Death's Turn also serves as a good vantage point over the Center Stage.

Center Stage: This is the middle of the map, with two rooms on either side and a ramp leading to the Bellow Deck. The room facing Cliffside has a glass cover that protects you from players on the Central Highway. At the back of the room is a tiny platform you can use to snipe players on the Cliffside. The other room has a door leading up to Death's Turn and another one leading to the Central Highway.

Central Highway: The main road, connecting the Center Stage to the Apartment. The distance to cover going from place to place is long, leaving you open to snipers.

Apartment: This area of the map is the 2-Story tower tucked in the corner. This area serves as a major spawning point. Nearby is the shotgun spawn.

Cliffside: This describes the whole area next to or on the cliff face. There is a small bridge attached to the cliff that has a raised platform at one part. You cannot reach it by jumping, it's mostly used for players on the other areas of the stage to get to the Cliffside.

Below Deck: This area is the platform under the Center Stage. The platform near the edge serves as another major spawning point.

Map variants[edit]

Uncaged adds a few new walkways, most notably allowing faster access from the cliffside to the central area.[5]