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This article is about the Halo 3 multiplayer map. For the Halo Wars 2 campaign level, see The Foundry.
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Map overview


Halo 3

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War Games Map_Set/: 040-44[1]


Traxus Factory Complex 09
Voi, Kenya


Industrial site

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After the orbital elevator fell, supply warehouses sending munitions to space were soon abandoned.

Foundry (originally coded "Art Vandelay,"[2] or simply "Vandelay"[3] by Bungie during production) is a multiplayer map released for Halo 3 as part of the downloadable Heroic Map Pack. It was made available on December 11, 2007. It was made exclusively for Forge, as almost all features of the map can be changed, deleted, or even replaced by any object that Forge has allowed.


Main article: Traxus Factory Complex 09

Foundry is set in a Traxus Heavy Industries complex, near Traxus Factory Complex 71. The warehouse was once used to store munitions before they were sent up the Mombasa Tether to space, though the elevator's desturction in the Battle for Earth meant the warehouse was soon abandoned.[4] Following this, the warehouse was acquired by the UNSC and used as the basis for a War Games map.[1]


The default layout of the map used in multiplayer.

Foundry was primarily developed as a Forge map, with almost every object on the map capable of being moved, deleted and replaced. When no objects are present on the map, Foundry is an empty warehouse, though the map ships with a default set layout using crates, boxes and prefabricated walls to create a multiplayer map.

The default configuration of Foundry is a mostly close-quarters, two level map with a few long hallways. The power weapons are distributed into the corners and center of the map. The rocket launcher is in the center on the second level, there are Brute Shots in each base, and sniper rifles are in the corners opposite the bases.

There are two cranes on this map, as well as two shipping areas: A and B.


The default version of Foundry.
  • The forklifts and the trucks can be blown up, and with them, an enemy (or enemies).
  • The chain link fences can be shot though offering a great way to shoot the fusion coils.
  • Due to the fact that there is a grav lift that spawns by default on the original Foundry, it is possible to kill people with Scenery quite easily; such as throwing one underneath a Wire Spool and then fooling someone to step into it.
  • Sometimes you can get splatters in this map if your grenade's explosion force kicks a Wire Spool into the air and it hits someone, though it's very difficult.
  • You can crouch jump out of the windows in the small room of each base. This is extremely useful if you are holding the Oddball, and your defense gets overwhelmed, and you need a quick way out. The crouch jump needs to be precise, or you can get stuck in the window.


  • Forging along the natural "U" shape of the level is helpful when making balanced and symmetrical maps.
  • It is possible to push a teleporter into the space above the crane nearest to the base area. Doing this will create a great weapon storage space. You can also shoot through the invisible floor at that area. Alternatively, one can simply glide up to this area, face it, and drop a Respawn Point; a teleporter can be spawned from inside.
  • There is a Ghost by default on Foundry near one of the bases.


  • In the trash found on the floor, there is a blue draft notice paper and a pack of cigarettes. In a different pile of trash, there is a purple hippo that is hard to see without aid from the sniper rifle.
  • In some piles of trash there is an Origami Crane. Look for a piece of paper with a Millennium Falcon looking shadow (small) then look about an inch upward.
  • The geographical feature behind factory Complex 71 is a crudely drawn Mount Kilimanjaro seen from the wrong side, or it has at least the same profile. Voi is West South-West of Kilimanjaro, while in Foundry the mountain is rotated so that it is viewed from the south. The mountain has no snow, is too small and too close to Voi.
    • When viewed from inside the level, however, forced perspective may make its side and distance appear to be correct.
  • It is possible to fall to your death on this map. You must be in Forge to do this. Place a double box anywhere flat on the ground, then set it not to spawn at start. Then start a new round. Then go and crouch where you placed the box. When it appears, you will not be able to get out of crouch. Simply move any direction, and you will fall below the map to your death. This can be useful to make "death teleporters" where you place a receiver node under the map and a sender node inside.
  • Art Vandelay, Foundry's codename, is George Costanza's alias in the TV sitcom Seinfeld. Bungie most likely named this map Art Vandelay because George Costanza's alter ego is an architect, and anything on this map can be re-made.
  • Unknown to many, there is a large cargo shaft above one of the "inlets". A similar hard-to-see shaft is also in the Blue base in Rat's Nest.
  • A poster of the Forge soccer ball can be seen pinned up inside one of the chain link fenced off areas with the words "It Glows" underneath it.[1]
  • In random piles of trash there are Chinese boxes with Trogdor the Burninator on it.
  • The Foundry Vacation can be done on this level.
  • The scenery outside of foundry seems to be based on the famous Bethlehem steel factory, immortalized in the Joseph Pennel painting Bethlehem Steel
  • Using the Forge Turret Glitch, it is possible to get though the fences. On the right side of the map you can find two frag grenades beyond the fence.



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