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ONI Alpha Site
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Halo 3: ODST




October 20, 2552, 1810 hours


ONI Alpha Site, New Mombasa, Earth


Defend ONI Alpha Site from the Covenant

Halopedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, ONI Alpha Site (level). See ONI Alpha Site (level)/Walkthrough.
Fall back, deny access to this vital facility.

ONI Alpha Site[1] is the fourth flashback level in Halo 3: ODST campaign.

This is the first and only level in the game in which the player encounters groups of suicidal Grunts using any skulls. This is also the last level the player is aided by normal Marines.

Completing this level on Normal or above unlocks the ONI Alpha Site achievement as well as the Firefight map Alpha Site, which is based on this level. Security Zone is also based on this level.


The level opens as Dutch and Mickey are setting demolition charges to destroy the bridge leading to the complex to prevent the Covenant forces from accessing it. After the charges are armed, an NMPD officer commands the Superintendent to unlock a keypad on a bridge toll booth so they can remotely detonate the charges. The AI is hesitant at first, but eventually lets Dutch destroy the bridge. After this, they fall back deeper into the facility, fighting off more waves of Covenant until they are forced to retreat into the ONI building itself. Dutch and the NMPD officers fight off the squads of Brutes, Grunts and Jackals that continue to push into the building. Eventually the fight is brought up to the roof of the facility, where the final Covenant infiltrators are killed. A Pelican picks up Dutch and Mickey, and the level ends as Mickey remote detonates the charges in the ONI facility, destroying it.




ONI Alpha Site

2 hours after drop

The cutscene opens on the bridge leading to the ONI Alpha Site. Dutch watches as a Wraith moves into position at the end of the bridge, while Mickey arms a detonator.

The Wraith starts to open fire.

Mickey finishes arming the detonator.

  • Dutch: "That do it?"

Dutch looks down the bridge to a watchtower with an NMPD Officer in it, which almost gets hit by a plasma mortar.

  • NMPD Officer (radio): "Signal's good! Arm the other detonators and pull back to me!"
  • Mickey: "Come on, tough guy, we gotta blow this bridge."

The two run down the bridge, while another Wraith moves in and starts to fire.

The view switches to Dutch, who takes cover behind a destroyed Warthog, while Mickey hides behind a barricade. Plasma shots from the Wraiths secondary gunners streak past them. A plasma mortar lands several metres in front of Dutch, staggering him.

  • Mickey: "Dutch, arm the other charges!"

Dutch looks back at the Wraiths starting to move up to the bridge. Their gunners continue firing at him.

  • Dutch: "What about those Wraiths?"
  • Mickey: "Forget about 'em, we got explosives to set!"


  • Mickey: "Follow me, arm the charges!"

A squad of Marines on the bridge buckle under the Covenant assault, and are forced to pull back.

  • Marine: "We'll never stop that armor! Fall back!"

If the player turns to fight the advancing Covenant horde:

  • Mickey: "Dutch, ignore those tanks!"

If the player walks past the first charge:

  • Mickey: "I got this one, Dutch, you do the rest!"

If the player walks past the second charge:

  • Mickey: "Great, I got to do everything myself?"

After the second charge is armed, two Banshees join the fight.

  • Mickey: "That's the last one, Dutch! Everyone, behind those barriers, bridge is set to blow!"

If the player doesn't go up the ladder to the tower

  • Mickey: "Watchtower Dutch, get up there and pull the trigger!"

Dutch heads for the tower and goes up the ladder.

  • NMPD Officer: "Come on, Super, unlock the keypad!"
  • NMPD Officer: "If you don't let us trigger those charges, in about five minutes, your data center's going to be crawling with Covenant!"

The Superintendent gives off a chime.

  • NMPD Officer: "About damn time! Do it, trooper!"

If the player doesn't trigger the charges yet:

  • NMPD Officer: "Trooper, use the laptop to trigger the charges!"

If the player further stalls:

  • Mickey: "What's the hold up, Dutch? Blow this sucker sky high!"

If some Covenant succeed in crossing the bridge:

  • Marine: "Kill their infantry! Don't let them cross the bridge!"

Dutch or the NMPD Officer triggers the charges:


The bridge is destroyed, killing all Covenant troops still on the bridge.

  • Mickey: "Woo-hoo! Yeah! That's the way."

Mickey, Dutch, the Marines and the NMPD Officer make their way under the wall.

  • Mickey: "Aw man, Covenant landing on the other side of the wall!"

If the player doesn't go under the wall:

  • Mickey: "C'mon Dutch, those cops aren't going to last long against Brutes!

If the player still doesn't follow Mickey:

  • Mickey: "Over here, Dutch, into the tunnel, under the wall!"

The group make their way up the stairs, to the courtyard.

  • Mickey: "Go, Dutch! We gotta keep the Covenant away from that building."

Mickey and Dutch make their way up the hill, where a group of Covenant infantry, including a Mgalekgolo pair assault more NMPD Officers and Marines.

  • Female Marine: "All teams, hold the ridge, don't let them near the ONI building!"

Soon, more and more waves of Covenant are dropped off. Multiple Wraith tanks are dropped in by Phantoms.

  • Female Marine: "Fall back! I repeat, fall back to the top of the ridge!"
  • Jiralhanae Captain: "Forward, warriors! Take this hill or die upon it!"

The human forces fall back to the entrance to the ONI building. They fend off increasing numbers of Covenant.

  • Mickey: "More Phantoms, look sharp!"
  • Female Marine: "We can't hold 'em, everyone fall back inside the building!"
  • Mickey: "Too many of 'em, Dutch. We gotta scoot!"
  • Jiralhanae Captain: "Forward! Grind their bones beneath your feet!"
  • Mickey: "Dutch, inside the building! NOW!"

A mass of Covenant soldiers, including a Jiralhanae Chieftain charge the human defences. The ODSTs retreat into the building's interior. NMPD Officers go outside in a last effort to hold back the Covenant. Dutch and Mickey go to a group of officers in the center of the complex.

  • NMPD Sergeant: "Hurry up, men, check those charges!"
  • Mickey: "Wait, what? More explosives?"
  • Dutch: "Yeah, what gives? I thought we were supposed to protect this building?"
  • NMPD Sergeant: "I have orders to deny enemy access to all classified data housed in this facility. You don't like it, jump your butts back into orbit!"
  • Mickey: "The only thing I don't like, is that our butts are currently inside this facility."

Cutting noises and sparks appear on the sealed doorways.

  • NMPD Officer: "They're cuttin' through the door!"
  • NMPD Sergeant: "Settle down people, find some cover. Someone man that turret."

The doors explode. Jiralhanae can be heard giving out battle cries.

  • NMPD Sergeant: "Alright, here they come. Watch your crossfire people."

Waves of Unggoy charge the humans, carrying ignited plasma grenades. During the fight, Mickey and the Sergeant will notify Dutch of the direction the enemies are coming from:

  • NMPD Sergeant: "Where's that fifty? We got hostiles right!"
  • NMPD Sergeant: "They're comin' in on the left, adjust your fire!"
  • Mickey: "Dutch, scan right!"
  • Mickey: "They're pouring into the left!"
  • Mickey: "Right side, Dutch!"
  • NMPD Sergeant: "Left side, trooper! Bring that turret round!"

After many waves of suicide Unggoy, Kig-Yar and Jiralhanae join the battle. Eventually, the humans staunch the forces coming in from the doors, however the Covenant start dropping in troops behind Dutch and Mickey.

  • NMPD Sergeant: "Phantom dropping reinforcements, cover your rear, trooper!"

Soon the Covenant reinforcements are defeated.

  • Mickey: "That's the last of 'em, Dutch. Come back to my position!"

An NMPD Officer arrives with an elevator.

  • NMPD Officer: "Everyone on the elevator, I put enough charges in this shaft to blow this building twice!"

Mickey and Dutch, along with any survivors from the previous battle, get in the elevator.

  • Mickey: "Alright, that's it. Transfer the detonation codes to my COM. If anyone's takin' this place out, it's gonna be me."

Dutch activates the elevator, and they slowly make their way up.

  • NMPD Officer: "Evac bird's gonna meet us on the roof."

With IWHBYD skull activated:

  • Mickey: "I love blowing crap up, Dutch, but this situation sucks."

On the way up they are ambushed by a swarm of Yanme'e.

  • Dutch: "Where the heck did these buggers come from?"
  • NMPD Officer: "Underground tunnels are filled with the damn things!"
  • Mickey: "Finally, a good reason to blow this building up!"

They soon defeat the Yanme'e and make it to the roof, where a Phantom is dropping off a pack of Jiralhanae Jumpers, along with Kig-Yar and Unggoy infantry.

On Legendary, a Jiralhanae Chieftain will be present.

After the Phantom leaves, the evac Pelican arrives, and helps the ODSTs with the enemy reinforcements, which are soon defeated.

  • Mickey: "There's our ride, go! Go! Go!"

If the player doesn't board it:

  • Mickey: "Let's get outta here, Dutch, come on!

If the player still doesn't board it:

  • Mickey: "Building's lost. Nothing more we can do."

If the player still doesn't board the Pelican:

  • Mickey: "Dutch, I thought you wanted to leave."

or, with IWHBYD skull activated:

  • Mickey: "Dutch, you dumbass, get aboard!"

As soon as the player boards the Pelican, the level ends.


Mickey and Dutch board the Pelican, remove their helmets and take a seat. The NMPD officer on board looks at them.

  • Mickey: "Sure do!"
  • NMPD Officer: "Patching him through."

The Pelican lifts off and departs the ONI building

  • Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck (COM): "Glad you boys are safe and sound."
  • Dutch: "Likewise, Gunny, you need a pickup?"
  • Buck (COM): "Long as you're offerin'. We're in the Police HQ."
  • Dutch: (to the NMPD Officer) "Can you take us there?"
  • NMPD Officer: "Affirmative!"
  • Buck (COM): "Alright, meet you up top!"

Mickey nudges Dutch.

  • Dutch: "What?"

Mickey points to the ONI Building, and starts to count down from three on his fingers. When he reaches zero, he detonates the charges, destroying the building.

  • Mickey: (laughs) "This day ain't turnin' out so bad after all!"
  • Dutch: "Heh."

The Pelican flies away as the view changes to a Superintendent camera, the avatar gives a confused then angry face as the building is destroyed.

The cutscene ends. Screen fades to black.



  • During the drop sequence when the player is in their Pod the ONI Alpha Site and its surroundings can be seen, including the bridge that is destroyed two hours later in this mission.
  • In the level Data Hive, when Dare says "Some idiots blew the building at the top of the shaft", she is referring to the destruction of the ONI building in this level.


  • The beginning of the level up to the bridge explosion was the first level shown at E3 2009.
  • There is a discontinuity between the beginning cutscene and when gameplay first starts. By the end of the cutscene, one of the two Wraiths are already on the bridge, and its gunner is firing at Dutch. However, when gameplay begins, no Wraith is present on the bridge, and the Wraith that was shooting at Dutch should be next to the retreating marines.
  • At any point of the level, if the player looks at Mickey for a while, Mickey would complain about the situation they are in (e.g. "See, Dutch? This is what happens when you try to help other people.", "If the Covenant want this building so bad, I say we let them take it!", or "I wonder if Gunny is also having so much fun."). Dutch, the player, will then tell Mickey to stop talking (e.g. "Shut up, Mickey, I'm trying to fight!", "Relax, Mickey, we'll be fine.", or "Quit talking Mickey, we got work to do.")
  • It seems rather strange that Mickey, a Private First Class, gives orders to Dutch, a Corporal, though this may be a sign of the close and informal bond squad members share, or to help guide new players who otherwise might not have known what to do. Given Mickey's specialization in explosives, it is possible he ordered Dutch simply because of his expertise.
  • Strangely, the Superintendent places beacons on the charges but initially refuses to allow the humans to destroy the bridge. This is due to the fact that the first human to try is an NMPD officer and the Superintendent has been having trouble with corrupt cops and thus doesn't trust one.
  • The NMPD Officer in the watchtower is almost invincible, being able to withstand several spartan laser shots, sniper rifle rounds, even the odd Wraith shot.
  • The Marines on the bridge are usually weaker than the ones near the building, and are usually killed as they descend the steps to the courtyard.
  • There are 7 pairs of bridge supports between either entrance to the bridge, another reference to the number.
  • If the player doesn't arm the explosives and instead kill all of the Covenant on the bridge, Mickey will arm the charges and the NMPD Officer will blow it instead, even if the player is still on the bridge and it is cleared of all Covenant.
  • If playing on Co-op with campaign scoring active, the host will receive points for any Covenant who are killed by the bridge's detonation, often resulting in large multi-kills medals such as Killpocalypse or Killionaire.
  • The debris on the bridge simply fall into the water when the bridge is destroyed, instead of being propelled into the air.
  • If a Marine is near the bridge when it explodes, if they don't die, they will be thrown quite far, and in rare cases will be thrown through the wall.
  • At some points, the Marine who gives the commands to retreat will be invincible, capable of withstanding several blows from a gravity hammer.
  • For some reason, no Marines will go inside of the ONI building, even if the player manage to kill all the enemies and keep a Marine alive. This may be a game error since the player can see NMPD Officers going inside, however the Marines may have stayed outside to hold off the approaching Covenant troops.
  • Players can get outside the level in theater mode by flying to the left of the building before the game loads the second section of the level.
  • The NMPD officer in charge of the group Dutch and Mickey team up with in the main hall of the ONI site has glasses which will read either "Keep it Clean" or "Please remain calm" running across them in a loop (best seen using Theater).
  • Inside the base is a memorial wall with hundreds of names of the people who have died in the war. Dr. Catherine Halsey and Admiral Preston Cole are listed, along with some humorous names, like London Bridges.
  • Inside the main building, there is an NMPD officer with the same voice as Sgt. Stacker.
  • At the part where the player has to defend until the elevator comes, if the player jumps over the walls (where the elevator comes up) and fall to the bottom then go into theater and go to the bottom an unarmed M168 Demolition Charge can be seen, this is either a glitch or an Easter egg, it is still odd for it to be the only one in the shaft. It is also on the Firefight map Alpha Site, (unarmed, green; red, armed). It is mostly likely an easter egg or an item Bungie left by accident.
  • During the encounter with Kamikaze Grunts in the ONI building, if the player kills one while it is near the other, (a better chance of getting this with the Mythic Skull on) sometimes the grenades will drop out of its hands and it will be unarmed.
  • It is possible to kill every Covenant enemy outside, including the Wraiths, before the Marines, ODSTs, and NMPD make a defensive stand inside the building.
  • The landing pad on the roof of the building has the number 43 on it, another 7 reference, (4 + 3 = 7).