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Deployable lookout tower

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A deployable lookout tower in Halo: Reach.

A deployable lookout tower is an anti-gravity-operated tower used by the Covenant. They are mainly used to fortify specific areas on a battlefield.


A deployable lookout tower is comprised of a circular base, in the middle of which an anti-gravity generator is placed. The circular platform is suspended in the air, given the anti-gravity power by the generator. The platform also has a gap in the middle through which the occupants are transported. The anti-gravity generator works just like a gravity lift, transporting supplies and troops freely. It also has the same color as the gravity lift.

The perimeter of the base is comprised of three ramps and three pillars, probably put there for extra protection. They are all placed in a motif (one ramp to one pillar). The platform has also three protective pillars and large gaps between them. The pillars are taller and thinner compared to the ones of the base and the gap between them is bigger. The gap is used for snipers to have a clear line of sight and for Gunner Unggoy to place their Type-52 plasma cannons. Some towers' platforms, instead of the usual oval pillars, have three thinner, longer pillars that support a rooftop-like cover.[1] Earlier versions may also include an energy shield wall next to them, and will activate when the tower is occupied.[2]

The base, when placed on the ground, can not be moved again. The platform, however, is not as steady as the base and a single shot from heavy weapons, such as the M41 rocket launcher, the Type-33 fuel rod gun from a distance and the M90 or M45 shotgun from nearby, will make it lose its balance and it may fall off. One shot from the rocket launcher is sure to make it fall.

The tower is able to garrison a whole Covenant file, but usually single Kig-Yar Snipers, Jiralhanae with carbines and Heavy Unggoy will also occupy it.

In-game appearances[edit]

In Halo 2, the platforms are indestructible. The player can climb on them by the anti-gravity lift, and can use it just like any Covenant. However, their position becomes highly exposed then. They appear in numerous campaign maps as well as in the multiplayer map, Relic.

In Halo 3, they are destructible. They are also able to be climbed and appear in some campaign levels.

In Halo Wars, they are deployed by the Covenant, but once every single Covenant troop on it is killed, UNSC soldiers can garrison in it, increasing their combat capabilities. A Covenant file is usually found on top of them defending the Kig-Yar and Unggoy Heavies there. In Skirmish, they are left neutral for either team's taking, providing a useful defense, if needed, plus they will not be destroyed no matter how many times a marine hits it. Certain maps, such as Tundra or Fort Deen, include lookout towers that are connected to energy walls. When garrisoned, the energy shield wall activates and prevents ground units from moving through. These walls can be bypassed by air units, Jiralhanae Jumpers, and occasionally Type-47B Scarabs.[2]

In Halo 3: ODST, many are seen deployed in New Mombasa. They are once again destructible.

In Halo: Reach, they are largely similar to those in Halo 3 with minor aesthetic upgrades.

In Halo 4, they are very similar to their Halo: Reach counterparts. However, the player must crouch to enter it due to narrower hole of entrance.


  • Halo 2 is the only game in the trilogy to use deployable lookout towers in multiplayer. The tower can not be destroyed but it can be shot off.
  • Tags for deployable lookout towers (and Shades) exist in Halo 3's Snowbound. The towers can be manipulated in Forge, but have no names, costs, or maximum limits. The tops of the towers tend to spontaneously disappear, and do not respawn.
  • If the top part of the tower is flipped upside down while a Grunt is on the plasma turret, the Grunt will keep firing normally.
  • In Halo Wars, they are referred to as a "Sniper Towers".
  • In Halo Wars, when garrisoned with Marines, one will take cover at each of the fins and will blindly fire at enemies.
  • In Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, if you can detach a tower with plasma cannons from the base without destroying it (use a Gravity Hammer), and if the tower is tilted more than 45 degrees, a message saying "Inoperable turret" will appear when the player is near the turret, even if Grunts are still manning them.
  • The base of the deployable lookout tower resembles the symbol for the Deployable Cover and the portable gravity lift in Halo 3.
  • In Halo 4, the base of the tower will always be active and lift vehicles. The base will also explode when heavily damaged, harming those nearby and lifting the tower momentarily but still work.
  • On all Halo 2 and Halo: Reach deployable lookout towers that have been knocked down, the base is still active and can be used to push you up directly into the air. From this position, you can continue to hover and snipe enemies. This glitch is absent from Halo 3; once the tower is destroyed, the gravity lift of the base does not work. However, the tower itself (if still intact) will push you through the hole in the center, as if the gravity lift was under it. This is most likely a design shortcut; placing the lift on the tower ensures that once the tower is destroyed, the lift would also be disabled.


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