Metropolis vacation

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Metropolis vacation is the colloquially-termed small programming oversight in the campaign level Metropolis of Halo 2 that allows a player to explore parts of the level previously thought to be inaccessible or simply just scenery. This glitch is similar to the Outskirts vacation, the Cairo Station vacation and the Delta Halo vacation.


  • Follow the instructions for getting the Scarab Gun, or follow the instructions for getting the Catch Skull.


This vacation relies on your ability to hijack a Banshee within a small amount of time and to drop out of the Banshee onto a Phantom.

The first Banshees will spawn during or shortly after the first checkpoint, on the bridge. You must hijack one immediately to ensure yourself enough time to position the craft over the Phantom. In order to coax the Banshee down to your position without it being destroyed, you will have to kill all of your Marines and get very lucky to hijack it in time. A Phantom should arrive shortly after the first Banshee. Fly over the Phantom and drop onto it. The Phantom will fly over the tunnel at the end of the bridge, allowing you easy access to the area above, but you will have to move quickly to catch it.

It is possible to grenade jump there with the Sputnik Skull, and this is just an alternate method for those who have trouble with that method. There is also an invisible wall preventing a Banshee from flying past a certain point. The invisible wall happens to be located at the booths in front of the entrance of the tunnel. If the banshee is hijacked inside the invisible wall, it will shoot out along the bridge.

Most noted among the attractions of this area is the above aforementioned Scarab Gun and the giant Soccer Ball. One may have fun by running rampant with one's Scarab Gun and Banshee, and causing chaos. The level is also very rich in detail and interesting places to explore.