Hunter jumping

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In Halo: Combat Evolved's campaign, players can use Hunters to reach places that were previously inaccessible. For this, all they have to do is to jump on a Hunter as it prepares to do a melee attack. This attack has enough strength to push them great distances upwards, forwards and backwards, depending on the angle at which the melee occurs.


There are a number of places where this can happen, places where Hunters are spawned by default or by luring them into certain areas. Some examples include:

  • Truth and Reconciliation:
    • At the part where you must enter the Gravity Lift, when the pair of Hunters drop, lure one close to the canyon's walls and jump on in when it melees. You will be propelled upwards and, with enough luck, on top of the plateau. From there you can explore the whole area above.
    • Inside the Shuttle Bay, when the Hunters arrive, jump on one and make it propel you to the upper levels. This is a great shortcut because all the enemies on the way to the Control Room will not spawn.
  • The Silent Cartographer
    • When you proceed towards the Security Installation that unlocks the door to the Cartographer, there will be two hunters on a disc shaped structure. You can jump on one of them and make it propel you on top of the island.
    • Following the same route, when you reach the Hunters that are further on, inside the first room of the Security Installation, you can make one of them propel you on top of the big structure in the middle of the room.
  • Assault on the Control Room
    • You can make the Hunters that you find inside the small circular rooms push you to the structures that are in the center of these.
  • Keyes
    • You can lure the pair of Hunters inside the ship to push you inside the openings in the ceiling, and even to the first opening that leads back to the Cargo Bay.