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A beam emitter tower on Alpha Halo.

A beam emitter is a Forerunner device or structure that, as the name implies, emits beams of energy. Though applied for many purposes, they are generally used to transport enormous amounts of energy from one location to another, serving as sophisticated power conduits. The beams may be constant, feeding a steady stream of energy to a certain system such as an energy barrier, or momentarily channel the energy required in the activation of an installation.


Beam towers[edit]

Beam emitters are often incorporated in large delta-shaped structures with a cleave down the approximate center. They fire beams upwards, in the case of the Halo installations to the center, and in the case of the Ark up into space.[1] The exact function of these machines is unknown, but they may be used to transport energy for the activation process of the Halo rings or used to get rid of excess energy. It is also possible that the beams seen on Installation 04 are simulated firings of the ring.

On Requiem, the beam emitters are used as stations for delivering navigation data[2] and function as part of the shield world's teleportation grid, featuring teleportation portals that can transport objects to various other parts of the installation.[3]

Other types[edit]

Beam emitters as a part of a Halo ring's weather control system.

The Control Rooms of the Halo installations possess a type of beam emitter, which fires a continuous beam from the depths of the Control Room to the top of the structure, and into the center of the ring when the installation is activated.[1] In case the firing sequence is canceled, like on Delta Halo, the beam collects into a large bolt of energy, which is then fired into the center of the ring, causing the energy collected in the center to dissipate.[4]

The Ark Portal in Kenya also has a type of beam emitter, which discharges a concentrated beam to the sky when the portal is activated.[5] In addition, the Apex Site on Etran Harborage also possessed a beam emitter. Continuous beams of energy are also channeled through the phase pulse generators used to control the firing systems of the Halo rings.[6] In High Charity, the Covenant used a conduit of energy to connect the Forerunner Dreadnought's engines into the city's power grid.[7]

Around Installation 00's Citadel, three barrier towers featuring beam emitter towers were used to project an energy barrier that surrounded the Citadel.[8] The weather control systems on the Halo rings also feature beam emitters.[9]


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  • If the player manages to stand at the top of a beam tower, over the chute in which the beam shoots from, the beam can either kill him/her, sending the player over a hundred feet in the air, or completely pass through the player. When killed by the beam, it will say "(Player) was killed by the Guardians". In Halo 3, however, the beams coming from the beam emitters (except in Valhalla) will not kill the player, no matter what. This is most likely due to gameplay reasons.
  • Beam emitters are objectives to be captured the Domination multiplayer mode of Halo Wars 2.[10]


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