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Clean Up



Science Mountain
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Apex, Requiem


  • Investigate Halsey's transmission.
Halopedia has a walkthrough guide to this level, Key/Science Mountain. See Key/Science Mountain/Walkthrough.
Spartans deployed to investigate Halsey transmission at Apex. Scorpion tank drop requested.

Science Mountain is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' ninth episode, Key.[1]


Another one of Halsey's transmissions was routed through Apex. Crimson is sent to investigate. Due to the heavy enemy presence in the area, Dalton provides Crimson with Scorpion tanks. Crimson fights their way through Apex, but their progress is hampered by a series of shield walls blocking their route. Fortunately, Roland is able to hack the shield controls, weakening the shields. This enables Crimson to destroy the barriers. Eventually, Crimson reaches the facility where Halsey's transmission was routed through. They clear out the Covenant and Prometheans, and access the comm terminal. Roland confirms his previous findings that Halsey's last transmission was routed to Lockup.

Helpful Hint[edit]

You can take the Scorpion through the sidepath, via a secret. Go to the first small tower structure you see. To do this, you'll need to climb a small ledge directly across from the tower. If you steer to the right and floor the accelerator, you can climb over the ledge and sneak past. This is especially useful in legendary though it can take several tries to accomplish. The player encounters several similar obstacles along the path, but there are ways around and over them which are easier to get around than this first obstacle. When the player nears the LZ where the replacement Scorpion is dropped however, it reaches a point where the path and obstacles become too narrow and the Scorpion can't get through and can get stuck trying. However, the Scorpion can get close enough to take out most of the enemy forces in the LZ, including a Phantom and some Ghosts.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Two Pelicans approach Apex.

  • Spartan Robert Dalton: “Pelicans are on station, Miller. And they’ve got your package in tow.”

The Pelicans drop off two Scorpion Tanks.

  • Miller: “Great timing, Dalton. Crimson, your rides await.”


  • Miller: “Dr. Halsey routed her transmission through a facility part way up Apex. Only way through is up the middle, Crimson. Have at it.”

Crimson board their tanks and head out into the valley. Almost immediately, they encounter hostile forces. The Pelicans provide cover fire for them.

  • Dalton: “We can offer a bit of air support, Crimson. Try to stay clear of the flak.”

Crimson runs into a shield wall blocking their way.

Promethean Watchers appear.

  • Miller: “Watchers.”

A Phantom appears and strafes Crimson.

  • Miller: “Phantom on approach.”
  • UNSC AI Roland: “Mind a spot of tactical advice, Crimson? Shoot the door gunner. They’ll be less likely to, you know, shoot you first.”

Once the immediate area is clear:

  • Miller: “Dalton, Crimson could use a Scorpion refresh.”
  • Dalton: “Got it, Miller. Dropping them in now.”

A Pelican drops off a new Scorpion.

  • Roland: “Can’t turn the shields off, but I can weaken them enough that Crimson should be able to bring ‘em down.”
  • Miller: “Lighting up the shield controls for you.”

Crimson interfaces with the shield controls.

  • Miller: “The shields should be weak enough to bring down now.”

Crimson’s Scorpions open fire on the shield wall. After a few rounds, the wall flickers and goes out, clearing the way.

  • Miller: “Nicely done. Roll on, Crimson. Marking your target now.”

Crimson moves further down the valley. They soon reach another shield wall blocking the path.

  • Miller: “Wait! Ambush!”

Covenant Phantoms and Promethean Watchers appear and attack Crimson.

  • Miller: “Careful, Spartans! They’re boxing you in!”
  • Miller: “Hold on. I’m looking for a way to bring that shield down.”

After the attackers are defeated:

  • Miller: “I’m not finding anything on your side. But there does appear to be a side path. Let me mark that for you.”
  • Miller: “The Scorpions aren’t going to fit through there. You’ll need to proceed on foot from here.”

The Spartans get out of their Scorpions and move out on foot. They head down the side path Miller has indicated and arrive at another path leading to a closed off area at the base of the mountain. Covenant and Promethean forces are present.

  • Miller: “Neutralize all targets.”

Crimson works to clear out the area. More Covenant attack from the rocks above.

Once all enemies are down:

  • Miller: “Straight up that hill.”

Crimson follows the path uphill.

  • Miller: “Right there, Crimson. Through the pass.”

Crimson proceeds further down the path, battling any Covenant along the way. There are more shield walls blocking access to parts of the valley. Eventually, they reach a spacious opening to their left.

  • Miller: “Dalton, how big a space do you need to bring Crimson a new ride?”
  • Dalton: “Passing a waypoint now. Secure that space and we’re good.”
  • Miller: “Get to it, Spartans. Give Dalton’s people room to work.”

Crimson clears out the Covenant guarding Dalton's LZ.

  • Miller: “All clear, Dalton.”
  • Dalton: “So I see. Scorpions en route.”
  • Miller: “I’ll mark the shield control system for you, Crimson. Roland, can you work your magic?”
  • Roland: “You know it.”

Crimson accesses the shield controls, weakening the barriers.

Pelicans with Scorpions arrive.

If any of the players stand underneath the Pelicans, preventing them from deploying the tanks:

  • Dalton: “Miller, my people can’t give Crimson their new toy if they’re going to stand in the way.”
  • Miller: “Stop screwing around, Crimson. Move.”

Scorpions are deployed.

  • Roland: “Good to go, Spartans.”
  • Miller: “Take out the shield, Crimson. Marking your target now.”

Crimson opens fire on the target shield wall, bringing it down.

  • Miller: “Into the caves, Crimson. Let’s root out anybody hiding inside.”

Crimson moves into the tunnel. They crush the few Covenant troops in their way. Eventually, Crimson comes across another shield wall, this one barring the exit.

  • Miller: “Marking your target now.”

Crimson destroys the shield wall.

  • Miller: “Area secured. Dalton, you’ve got a safe drop spot if you need one.”
  • Dalton: “Acknowledged, Miller.”
  • Miller: “The location where Halsey routed her communications is up ahead.”

Crimson emerges from the tunnel. Prometheans engage them.

  • Miller: “We’ve got several Watchers in the area!”

Crimson presses ahead, fighting through Prometheans and Covenant.

  • Miller: “Ghosts!”
  • Miller: “This whole place is crawling. I can shout out warnings, or you can just cut to the chase and dump ammo in every direction at once.”

Crimson continues to advance.

  • Miller: “Keep an eye out for those Ghosts.”

Crimson finally reaches their destination.

  • Miller: “You’re doing it, Crimson! You’ve almost got it!”

Crimson finishes off the last Prometheans and Covenant in the area.

  • Miller: “That does it. Perfect! Roland, can you verify this is the terminal we’re looking for?”
  • Roland: “Sure is.”
  • Miller: “Setting a waypoint.”

Crimson activates the Terminal.

  • Roland: “Got it. Last bounce Halsey made is to the area the Spartans are calling Lockup.”
  • Miller: “So we get there and we find her?”
  • Roland: “That’d be real neat, yeah.”
  • Miller: “Dalton, I’m sending you coordinates where I need Crimson delivered. Crimson, get ready. We’re in the home stretch.”

Fade to black.


Level ends.


  • In Clean Up, its stated that Halsey's signal has been tracked from "Control" to "Lockup." However, in this level Fireteam Crimson are deployed at "Apex" where the signal is again detected to have been sent to "Lockup." It is only after the fight at "Apex" that Crimson gets sent to "Lockup."