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Sali 'Nyon's Covenant

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This article is based on canon information, but the article's name is conjectural, as there is currently no official name for the subject.
Sali 'Nyon's Covenant faction
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Government overview


Religious cult


Sali 'Nyon

Head of state:

The "Didact's Hand"

Societal overview

Official language(s):

Sangheili language

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Syllabary and logograms

Historical overview


July 2558

"Once the great fraud 'Mdama's sins are exposed, his own armies will rise against him and all will join as one."
— Sali 'Nyon after seceding from Jul 'Mdama's faction[1]

This Covenant faction was a splinter group formed from members of Jul 'Mdama's reformed Covenant faction who believed Sali 'Nyon to be the true "Hand of the Didact".[1]


Main article: Battle of Aktis IV

These Covenant became disillusioned with Jul 'Mdama after his destruction of Requiem, which they considered the holiest site, and his subsequent alliance with a human, Doctor Catherine Halsey. Zealot Sali 'Nyon started preaching that he was the true "Hand of the Didact", whereas 'Mdama was a false prophet due to his actions. 'Mdama had heard of 'Nyon's views, but he chose to dismiss the dissident as "a delusional pig possessed by demons". However 'Nyon managed to attract followers who in turn began recruiting others into their cause.[1]

After arriving on Aktis IV, 'Mdama's forces discovered the circle of traitors and a fight ensued. Some of 'Nyon's followers were killed while others escaped, but a traitor was captured and brought before 'Mdama. Rather than ask for pardon, he chose to maintain his sect's views and accused 'Mdama of heresy. The latter executed him with his energy sword. Meanwhile, 'Nyon's group seceded from the rest of the Covenant forces. When the UNSC sent a Pelican and Broadsword to the surface of Aktis IV, the rogue faction, led by Sali 'Nyon himself, shot down the ships and scavenged them to retrieve the UNSC's piece of the Janus Key. This action prompted the rest of the Covenant to abandon 'Mdama's original plan and also attack the UNSC. Meanwhile, 'Mdama swore to humiliate and eliminate the traitors.[1] While 'Mdama and his Promethean forces began to eliminate the traitors, 'Nyon broadcasted a message across Jul's entire fleet to incite them to join him in rebellion.[2]

'Nyon later returned to his hideout in a jungle on the planet. Some followers began to grow disillusioned with 'Nyon and started to question the feasibility of continuing the rebellion. 'Nyon responded by reassuring his followers that the Forerunners had blessed them, citing his recovery of half of the Janus Key as proof. One Sangheili Minor in particular stated that the Prometheans' allegiance to Jul 'Mdama is evidence to the contrary, but 'Nyon insists that the answers to their questions would all be revealed in time. While 'Nyon left to help aid the wounded, the Minor betrayed 'Nyon and his followers, and stole their half of the Janus Key and departed on a Type-32 Ghost. The Minor contacted a Zealot serving under 'Mdama, and promised to provide the stolen Janus Key half and the faction's hideout. The Zealot reluctantly agreed and prepared to establish a rendezvous point.[2] However, Jul's forces had already discovered the location of the hideout and had begun assaulting the base. The Zealots that met with the Minor took his half of the Janus Key and promptly executed him for his disloyalty. Meanwhile, 'Nyon's forces had been completely destroyed and 'Nyon himself was imprisoned. 'Mdama decided that 'Nyon would be kept alive for the time being. With both halves of the Janus Key, Jul's forces fled the system shortly after.[3]

Until September 17th, 2558, Sali was kept by Jul aboard the Song of Retribution as he journeyed to a planet that would lead to the Absolute Record. With the fleet damaged by slipspace ruptures, Jul decided to transfer Sali to the damaged Breath of Annihilation, setting down for repairs on a nearby moon, while he took the Song of Retribution alone through the portal.[4] Needing a distraction to keep Spartan Gabriel Thorne alive, ONI agent Ayit 'Sevi arranged for Sali's escape, convincing the former leader that he could rally those loyal to him.[5] 'Nyon would lead a revolt aboard the ship, killing those loyal to 'Mdama and seizing control of 'Mdama's collection of Forerunner artifacts taken from Requiem, using them to further cement his support.[6] 'Nyon took the Breath of Annihilation back into Sangheili space to rally further support among the Covenant, not noticing 'Sevi's absence, and was shortly after engaged by the Song of Retribution, a battle that ended in stalemate with 'Mdama unable to retake the ship.[7]

After the death of 'Mdama on Kamchatka, 'Nyon emerged as the clear frontrunner for leader of the Covenant remnant, with some Sangheili, even in the Swords of Sanghelios, viewing him as a true leader compared to the Arbiter and Jul, and the next best chance for a Covenant revival.[8]

Military structure[edit]

Sali 'Nyon's Covenant employed mainly Sangheili, in particular those of the Zealot rank, although lower ranks such as Minors and Storms were seen.[2]

Classes Sangheili
Ranks and type classes
Standard ranks Minor
Leaders Zealot

Military assets[edit]

The faction's Zealots were known to use Type-1 energy swords in combat.[2] The group also had access to a number of Type-32 Ghosts and at least one Type-26 Wraith.[2]

After his successful revolt aboard the Breath of Annihilation, 'Nyon added the Assault Carrier to his fledgling splinter group, along with its Wraiths, Banshees and Liches.[9]


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