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Spartan Thorne is hunted by a deadly Elite assassin.

Scattered is the sixth episode of Spartan Ops. It was released on January 21, 2013.


# Name Location Description
1 Escape Plan Lockup "All contact has been lost with Fireteam Crimson. Last seen facing insurmountable odds, they were either killed or captured. Infinity will continue attempting to establish their status. "
2 All The Secrets Control "En route to rendezvous with Infinity, Fireteam Crimson has been forced to land at Covenant control facility. Spartans are investigating structure's purpose."
3 Need To Know Warrens "Surveillance revealed an underground Covenant intelligence base. Fireteam Crimson is deployed to dig up information on Covenant operations."
4 Search and Destroy Cyclone "In reaction to intel extracted from Covenant control, Fireteam Switchback is investigating a Covenant archeological dig while Fireteam Crimson disrupts a Covenant supply depot."
5 Switchback Harvester "Covenant employing a Harvester in their search for a mysterious artifact. Spartans are deployed to shut down its operations."

Opening cinematic[edit]

Opens to the UNSC Infinity above Requiem.

  • Catherine Halsey: "Life is too short, I will never learn all that exist in our tiny galaxy let alone the rest of the universe."

Fades to Halsey sitting near a window with a view of one of Requiem's portals. Palmer paces behind her.

  • Catherine Halsey: "And I so desperately want to know...everything. But the UNSC acts like children at play in a sandbox. Mistaking its edges for the limits of the world."

Halsey throws her hands up in the air as an expression, but realizes one of her hands is fettered to the chair she is sitting on.

  • Sarah Palmer: "I bet they keep you in something a lot smaller than a sandbox from now on, Catherine."

Roland's avatar suddenly appears.

  • Roland: "Actually, bit of an emergency, Captain. Spartan Thorne has been detected alive on Requiem."

Fade to black.


Open to Gabriel Thorne's blurred perspective. Cut to third person: Thorne, with a bruised face, is being dragged on the ground. He groans.

Fade to white and to a flashback: A Sangheili Storm slashes its energy sword at Thorne at "the Cauldron," who twists the Sangheili's arm and stabs the Sangheili with its own blade. The Sangheili falls.

Cut to Thorne at present time, shaking his head. Cut to his perspective: He is being dragged closer to a Forerunner structure.

Fade to white and to a flashback: Thorne crosses blade with a Sangheili, and proceeds to punch the Sangheili away. Another Sangheili catches Thorne off guard and slashes him, leaving a deep cut on his chest armor. Thorne flinches and drops to the ground.

Cut to Thorne at present time as he slowly comes to. He looks up and sees two Sangheili Storm soldiers dragging him across a Forerunner platform.

Fade to white and to a flashback: Thorne trips the Sangheili Storm soldier and tries to stand up. The Sangheili lets out a cry and punches Thorne in the face. Thorne faints and falls on the ground.

Cut back to Thorne as he is fully awaken at present time. He looks up and see the two Sangheili are dragging him into "Sniper Alley." Thorne lies back down and pretends to be unconscious as one of the Sangheili looks back at him.

Cut to the shrine. Jul 'Mdama and Henry Glassman continue to stare the blue energy sphere while the Sangheili behind them all bow. 'Mdama slowly walks toward to the center of the shrine.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) You have woken the Librarian."
  • Henry Glassman: "Quite honestly...I'm not entirely sure what I've done."

Holding his own leash, Glassman slowly backs away as 'Mdama slowly approaches the shrine. As soon as he is behind the large group of bowing Sangheili, Glassman turns and runs away. 'Mdama reaches for the sphere.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) Now will I learn all she has to--"

An energy burst knocks 'Mdama away.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "Raaagghhh!"

Glassman, already outside the chamber, looks behind him as 'Mdama's scream echoes throughout the hallway. He pulls off his collar and looks back. Cut to 'Mdama standing angrily at the shrine and looking around for Glassman.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) What is the meaning of this?! Glassman."

Cut to Glassman: he throws the collar on the ground and runs. Cut to 'Mdama, who points towards the exit of the chamber.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) The human has tricked us. He must pay for his blasphemy!"

The group of Sangheili stand up and runs to follow Glassman.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) After him!"

'Mdama turns around to face Gek 'Lhar.

  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) Glassman's escape is unacceptable, Brother."
  • Gek: "(Sangheili) Grrr...I will deal with him personally."
  • Jul 'Mdama: "(Sangheili) See that you do, Gek."

Gek runs towards the exit as well, leaving 'Mdama and two of his guards behind at the shrine. Cut to the end of "Sniper Alley." The two Sangheili are about to enter the hallway leading to the shrine. They let go of Thorne, who is still pretending to be unconscious.

  • Sangheili Storm #1: "(Sangheili) We should just kill it."
  • Sangheili Storm #2: "(Sangheili) The Didact's Hand wants any travelers from the shrine alive..."

The first Sangheili Storm knocks on the Forerunner door. Cut to Gek, still inside the structure. He looks around for Glassman, and spots the collar that was previously used to constrain Glassman. Cut to the two Sangheili outside. The second one speaks to the other, prompting the latter to turn around from the door, which has activated and is opening.

  • Sangheili Storm #1: "(Sangheili) 'Mdama needn't know, brother. This creature needs to pay for the dishonor he has done me!"

They turn to see Glassman at the door. Glassman whimpers as the first Sangheili grabs him from his neck. Thorne crouches and punches the thigh of the second Sangheili, who winces and falls on the floor. He grabs the second Sangheili's Storm Rifle and melees the Sangheili in the head. The first Sangheili turns around, but immediately takes a burst from the Storm Rifle to his chest. It dies. Thorne then fires at the head of the second Sangheili, who dies as well. Cut to Gek inside the structure. He drops the collar and take out the detonator to the explosives attached to Glassman's vest. Cut back to Thorne and Glassman. Thorne approaches the coughing Glassman as he holsters the Storm Rifle on his back.

  • Gabriel Thorne: "Doctor Glassman...thanks for the rescue."

Glassman points into the hallway, where a large group of Sangheili are running towards the exit. Cut to Gek, who flicks open the detonator. Cut to Glassman, whose vest now emits a high screech. Thorne realizes the explosive was primed, and pulls the vest off of Glassman. He throws it into the structure. He pushes Glassman away.

  • Gabriel Thorne: "Run!!!"
  • Henry Glassman: "Ahhhh!!!"

Cut to Gek, who presses the detonator. Cut to outside the structure: Thorne carries Glassman as they dive off of the platform and onto the ground below. The explosives detonate, killing the group of Sangheili who were pursuing Glassman. Fade to black.

Fade in as Gek slowly steps out to the exit. He looks around at the numerous corpses of Sangheili. He sniffs and runs towards one of the dead Sangheili. He crouches down and put his hand over the corpse.

  • Gek: "(Sangheili) Brother."

Gek looks at the floor next to the Sangheili, where there is a trail of footprints. He follows the footprints to the side of the platform. Growling, he looks around, but nothing can be seen except for Glassman's discarded spectacles that are on the ground. The sunlight reflects off of the lens. Fade to black.