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Scattered (cinematic)


Home Field



Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Apex," Requiem


Clear an LZ and return to Infinity

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All fireteams are recalled to UNSC Infinity to repel Covenant invasion.

Backup is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' seventh episode, Invasion.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is in the middle of an unspecified operation at "Apex" when they suddenly receive an emergency call from the UNSC Infinity. Commander Palmer orders all fireteams to return to the Infinity which has been boarded. Miller orders Crimson to abort their operation immediately. However, there are still Covenant and Promethean forces in the area, preventing a quick evac. Murphy tips the balance in the Spartans' favor by dropping off a Mantis. With the Mantis' firepower, combined with covering fire from Murphy's Phantom and the Spartans' skills, Crimson clears the area and destroys an enemy Phantom threatening Murphy. Murphy then picks up Crimson in his Phantom and sets a course for the Infinity.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson is busy battling Prometheans inside of a cave. A Forerunner portal is present.

  • Spartan Jared Miller: “Marking the next target for you now.”
  • Captain Thomas Lasky: “Captain Lasky to all hands! Battle stations! This is not a drill!”
  • Miller: “What the hell was that?! Crimson, I’m gonna try and figure out what’s going on. Be right back.”

Crimson clears out the Prometheans and shuts the portal down.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer: “Commander Palmer to all Spartan fireteams. Infinity has been boarded! Every fireteam that can hear this transmission fallback to Infinity and help with defense! Palmer out.”
  • Miller: (shouting can be heard in the background) “Crimson, Infinity’s been boarded. We’re under attack! I’m canceling your op and bringing you home! Marking the quickest way out of that mess for you, Crimson.”

Crimson reaches a shield barrier.

  • Miller: “Looks like we got lucky you came up behind these shields. Pop the generators and those walls will come right down!”

Crimson takes out the generators, disabling the shields. They exit the caverns. Covenant and Promethean forces waiting outside engage them.

  • Miller: “Roland, sit rep on our invaders.”
  • UNSC AI Roland: “Prometheans appearing all over the ship. No means to stop them at the moment.”
  • Miller: “Murphy, are you able to reach Crimson’s position?”
  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy: “I need ‘em a little further down the hill, Spartan.”
  • Miller: “You hear that, Crimson? Move! Dalton, you online? Roland, comms with Dalton are down. What ordnance do we got packed for launch planetside?”
  • Roland: “Not a whole lot. But there are a few things in the chute. I’ll send them Crimson’s way now.”

Crimson battles more Covenant, including a Wraith.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller, you’ve got Prometheans near Ops command!”
  • Miller: “Acknowledged, Roland. I’ve got my sidearm in hand.”
  • Murphy: “Hey, I found something.”
  • Miller: “Murphy?”
  • Murphy: “Crimson, here’s the coordinates where I’m going to bring your present. Get on over there.”

Crimson heads to the coordinates Murphy has provided. Murphy’s Phantom appears and drops off a Mantis.

  • Murphy: “Here you go! Have fun, Crimson.”

Enemy Phantom approaches.

  • Miller: “Murphy, watch out!”
  • Murphy: “Already seen it, Spartan Miller. I can handle a single Phantom.”

Enemy Phantom fires at Murphy’s Phantom.

  • Murphy: “Awww hell. They’ve got me outmanned and outgunned.”
  • Miller: “Roland, anything else you can send Crimson’s way?”
  • Roland: “Pickings are slim but we’ve got a couple things left ready to go.”

Supplies are dropped from orbit.

Murphy continues to battle the enemy Phantom.

  • Murphy: “Crimson, you clear a landing spot, and I’ll clear the skies.”
  • Miller: “Roland, any update?”
  • Roland: “Rather grim. Multiple casualties across all decks. Just get Crimson back here as fast as you can.”
  • Murphy: “Crimson! Little help up here?”
  • Miller: “Crimson, do what you can to get that Phantom off Murphy’s tail. Spartans, use the Mantis' firepower to help Murphy.”

Enemy Phantom is finally destroyed.

  • Murphy: “Boom!”
  • Miller: “Murphy, that was amazing!”
  • Murphy: “And only ever slightly so worse for the wear. How’s that LZ coming, Crimson?”

More Covenant and Prometheans appear.

  • Miller: “Roland, is there anything else in the supplies?”
  • Roland: “Sending the last of it.”

More supplies are dropped off.

Once the LZ is cleared:

  • Miller: “Murphy, you’re clear for pick up.”
  • Murphy: “On my way.”

Murphy’s Phantom lands.

  • Murphy: “All aboard!”

Crimson boards the Phantom.


The Phantom takes off.

  • Miller: “We’ve got more bad news. Covenant ships are inbound on Infinity. How fast do you think you can get here?”
  • Murphy: “Flying this crate as fast as I can, Spartan. Only way we’ll get there faster is for Crimson to get out and push.”


Level ends.